Do you want to do comparisons for Digimon Uncensored? The following guidelines are in place:

  • The comparisons need to be done through actual recordings of the episode you’re reviewing. That means you may not use transcriptions to do your comparing. (Subtitled videos in the original format are perfectly acceptable, however.) Why? Because it’s lazy, and the dialogue and music lose their impact if you can’t hear them. Not only that, but what’s the point if you don’t experience the full glory of the original?
  • No anonymous reviews! Please include your name with your comparison so I may credit you. Anonymous corrections to existing comparisons are fine.
  • The comparison is yours, so feel free to write it in your style. However, I request that you make sure to include the dialogue from the original that’s being compared with the dub dialogue, and you use the headers properly.
  • You do have to comply a bit with my standards. If I don’t like it, I won’t accept it. That means nothing too off-color, meaning no attacking minorities or any political parties. Keep it on topic!
  • I’m not nitpicky about grammar but please proofread what you write before you send it. After all, your name will be on it. Check for Freudian slips before submitting as well. :B
  • Making fun is one thing, but do not make threats about the writers or any one writer. They’re people, and they’re just doing their jobs. Avoid slander and personal insults; it’s not their fault if you don’t like the dub…okay, maybe it is, but it’s not cause to behave in such a manner.
  • E-mail requests to review seasons to Include a writing sample from something, somewhere, and check your grammar and spelling in the e-mail itself. I don’t want to have to proofread your stuff!