Digimon Tamers



Digimon is a franchise. It is a TV show, a set of video games, a trading card game, all of it fictional. The story of Tai’s team and Davis’ team out to save the digital world is borne from the imaginations of anime writers who seek to entertain children and sell merchandise…or so it seemed at first. When Takato, Rika and Henry’s worlds collide with Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon, they soon learn that the Digital World is a very real place, and it is invading.

The kids first learn to master the Card Slash or Digi-Modify to give their Digimon an edge in battle. As the three Tamers’ philosophies clash, they must fight an entire world attempting to escape their own, and a man who wants only to erradicate that world entirely.

Prominent Changes:

Character Names
Matsuda Takato -> Takato Matsuki
Makino Ruki -> Rika Nonaka
Lee Jenrya -> Henry Wong
Katou Juri -> Jeri Kato
Shiota Hirokazu -> Kazu Shioda
Lee Xiao-Chun -> Suzie Wong
MegalowGrowlmon -> WarGrowlmon
Dukemon -> Gallantmon
SaintGargomon -> MegaGargomon
Belzebumon -> Beelzemon

Card Slash -> DigiModify
Evolution -> Digivolution
In the original, Matrix Evolution described the evolution to Perfect/Ultimate and evolution to Ultimate/Mega. In the dub, Matrix Digivolution is only Champion to Ultimate, while evolving to Mega is termed Bioemerge Digivolution.
Card Names are removed, replaced with generic stat terms.


  1. Haydn Waterman September 4, 2016 2:05 am  Reply

    Strangely enough, even though there’s no Comparison List page that links to them, there’s still a bunch of Tamer comparisons attached to this website too:
    You can’t find them unless you reach a 404 page and search for 03## or just replace the number of a different comparison in the search bar with 03##, so I’m not sure if they’re exactly the same as the ones on the /oldsite/, but the Adventure comparisons on the /oldsite/ HAVEN’T been copied over and left without hyperlinks, so I’m pretty sure the Tamer ones ARE copies and the admin just hasn’t deleted them yet because he hasn’t started redoing them yet. If he ever does. I mean, has he even BEEN on this website in the last year? I haven’t seen shit.

  2. Gear
    Gear January 5, 2017 7:55 am  Reply

    Tamers’ episode list has been added. We’re working on getting the old comparisons converted soon.

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