Digimon Savers or Digimon Data Squad




The Digimon Data Squad is a secret government organization dedicated to ensuring that Digimon do not cross the barrier to the human world, and preventing the public from learning of their existence. But when one man’s fear of the unknown leads to a genocidal act, one that leaves scars too deep to be forgotten, the Data Squad team, believing that humans and Digimon can live peacefully together, find themselves the targets of both sides of a war that can have no winner.

Prominent Changes:
Daimon Masaru -> Marcus Damon
Tohma H. Norstein -> Thomas H. Norstein
Fujieda Yoshino -> Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda
Noguchi Ikuto -> Keenan Crier
Captain Satsuma Rentarou -> Commander Richard Sampson
Yushima Hiroshi -> Commander-General Homer Yushima
Daimon Chika -> Kristy Damon
Daimon Suguru -> Dr. Spencer Damon
Yatagaramon -> Crowmon (Yatakaramon in some media)
Qilinmon -> Chirinmon
Sleipmon -> Kentaurosmon
Gawappamon -> Gwappamon
Shaujinmon -> Shawjamon
Piyomon -> Biyomon
BanchouLeomon -> BanchoLeomon
Mercurymon -> Merukimon
Yggdrasil -> King Drasil
Craniamon -> Craniummon
RhodoKnightmon -> LoadKnightmon
Dunasmon -> Dynasmon
Dukemon -> Gallantmon
Duftmon -> Leopardmon
Omegamon -> Omnimon
Gizmon -> Gizumon

Street Fighter -> Ultimate Fighter
Digital Accident Tactics Squad -> Digimon Data Squad
Digivice iC -> Data Link Digivice

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