Digimon Frontier



Five strangers are guided by the voice of destiny to another world. There, they must locate the spirits of ancient warriors and do battle with a corrupted angel who threatens to destroy the entire Digital World. But what’s the true story behind the danger, and who’s really tugging on the strings of their destinies?

Prominent Dub Changes
Character Names
Minamoto Kōji = Kouji Minamoto
[Depends on who you ask: As Josephine points out, some romanizations of the name don’t include the “U”, so it is mostly the same name. So I did a little research…and found out that it was all a huge misunderstanding! I had his name in Japanese as Kouji and the English name being Koji. But according to American and Japanese promos, the most common names are listed above. (Trying not to think about the fact that this doesn’t affect pronunciation at all…) Thanks for making me take some to do some ACTUAL research, Josephine!]
Shibayama Junpei = J.P. Shibayama
Orimoto Izumi = Zoe Orimoto
Himi Tomoki = Tommy Himi

Agnimon = Agunimon
Vritramon = BurningGreymon
Ardhamon = Aldamon
Kaiser Greymon = EmperorGreymon (KaiserGreymon in some Bandai America products)
Wolfmon = Lobomon
Garmmon = KendoGarurumon
Beowulfmon = BeoWolfmon
Blitzmon = Beetlemon
Bolgmon = MetalKabuterimon
Fairymon = Kazemon
Shutumon = Zephyrmon
Chakkumon = Kumamon
Blizzarmon = Korikakumon

D-Scanner = D-Tector or Digivice
The phrase “Digicode Scan!” is changed to “Fractal Code Digitize!” in the dub.
Spirito Evolution -> Execute! Spirit Evolution!

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