Comparison Key

Here you will find a summary of the episode being compared, as well as general notes about the episode and dub’s quality. You may also find general complaints about the episode’s title here, more often than not.

General information and changes go in this box. Commentary here, too. Most commonly, you’ll find complaints about sound effects or music.

This is going to be (sadly) the most frequently seen and longest headers you’ll come across. This is where deviations in dialogue are put. Italicized text that references the original names for characters (Taichi vs. Tai), represents what was said in the original version, followed by the dub line in plain text. Our snide commentary follows. Previously, this section was called “Stupid Dialogue” so you can probably see where we’re going with this.

Yay censorship! Here we put down things that were censored, but not cut out. Flash impact screens over punches, kanji/kana digitally painted out, blood removed, cleavage covered, giant bombs turned into giant oranges, etc.

This header is for scenes that were shifted, added, or removed entirely for censorship or time purposes.

Something earlier in the season doesn’t mesh with how it is presented now. Examples include attack and character names that randomly change, or plot holes created by the dub attempting to censor or adapt the plot for American audiences.

This should be your favorite box. (It’s mine, anyway…) This box contains the core of the changes, the most important ones. Digimon names, attacks, character names, evolution callphrases, etc. This header can also contain comparisions of actual Digimon Analyzer text.

This box is kinda rare. We put mistranslations here, anything we think is actually an error on the translators’ part, as opposed to a dialogue deviation or censorship.


In light of Digimon Uncensored’s hard line stance against eye cancer, a lovely image will be pasted smack in the middle of our longest comparisons to force you to take a break from reading, maybe grab a soda.

*Warning: eyecatches do not prevent eye cancer. These statements have not been evaluated or approved by the Ministry of Eye Cancer.