25- Kurata’s Revenge

Japanese Title: Kurata's Ambition Smashed: Fly, Yatagaramon Comparison by Sahgo

Sahgo’s Notes: Well, here we go again.

A nice episode overall, the dub is very serviceable. The avoiding of the k-word is annoying, but let’s forget that. Oh, inconsistency is all over this comparison!

Scenes from a flashback with a gun, which were cut in last episode, are retained in this one. Maybe it’s because of this blue-screen-thing. Bah, who cares. Trying to understand these dubbers is a really wasted effort.BUT they wouldn’t allow the cut scene to air unharmed. They froze the frame above so we couldn’t see Kurata shooting. But we can still hear the sound of the action, so… damn, wasted effort.(1 second) ONCE MORE, the whole ”OMG-RizeGreymon-will-kill-the-audience” cut.


For some really weird reason, MachGaogamon’s Gaoga Tornado was changed to Gaoga Tornade in the dub…… yeah. Curse these people, they made me waste a Digimon Analyzer box!

(1 second) AND YET AGAIN, the whole ”OMG-RizeGreymon-will-kill-the-audience” cut. I won’t bother taking screenshots this time. Any problem? No? FINE!(1 second) Suguru putting Kurata’s weapon down. Ok, this was really contradictory. I mean, the dub actually show this shot of Kurata’s crazy gun-playing but they don’t show an anti-weapon scene!? I mean, I THOUGHT this show was aimed at children! Argh… as I said, try to understand those people!

Nothing like cutting positive scenes…

Gizumon:XT retained its name (kinda… since in the dub it’s written as “Gizumon-XT”, but no big deal).THAT scene of naked Masaru in the bathroom was retained in a flashback (altough it was cut previously). But this time they censored it: firstly they made the “OMG IT’S A FLASHBACK!” border to be more covering, and added some foam. Well, not really foam, just some random white paint to mix with the ”OMG IT’S A FLASHBACK” border.

We can already see that Disney (Disney, isn’t it?) isn’t really good with digital editing. Except for episode 7’s citra madness thing.

[Updated 03 May 2008] Macho Duck: Disney does broadcast Digimon Savers, but Studiopolis handles the dubbing. Thank you, Josephine, for the correction!Now, Mercurimon’s death. After Yukidarumon’s black doting I knew something would be done, but not something so confusing.Moment 1: Gizumon-XT’s beam was erased. COMPLETELY REMOVED. I have no idea why, the scene is awkward in the dub. And not only that: for whatever reason, they reversed the “panning” of the scene: originally it pans down-up, but in the dub it’s up-down.

Strike 1.

Moment 2: Ok, Gizumon-XT’s beam is now here (uh… where the hell was it before?). The censorship is pretty much the same as Yukidarumon’s in the last episode, but at least this time we don’t have that weird black dot on Mecurimon’s back.

Strike 2.(As a side note: take a look at the up-left corner of the dub screen. Can you see it? Yes, they forgot to erase a small part of Gizumon-XT’s beam. Weird….).

And… well, Falcomon’s new evolve sequence was a little changed thanks to Disney’s (Disney?) [Studiopolis! 😀 – Macho Duck] lack of ability. They simply added a giant flash in the ending of the scene, when Yatagaramon’s flies around the screen and the word “YATAGARAMON” is appearing in the background, so then it would be EASIER for them to change to “CROWMON” (changing it only in the last frames, where there is no movement, so, easier).

And, yes, Yatagaramon’s name was changed to Crowmon. This is not a very accurate change. Yatagaramon comes from Yatagarasu, a character of the japanese folklore. Yatagarasu is the bird of the sun goddess Amaterasu (I think those who played Okami must be familiar with this name). Even so, “Garasu” means “Crow”, so… well, it’s not totally inaccurate.
As additional information, in the Digimon World DS game he is called “Yatakaramon”).

Added 03 May 2008

Macho Duck: Josephine also brings up that Falcomon didn’t “digivolve” correctly in the dub. In the original, when Digimon evolve to Perfect form, they don’t announce their evolution to Adult form. So, while the animation shows the Child form (Falcomon), then Adult Form (Peckmon), and finally Perfect form (Yatagaramon), the voice only announces, “Falcomon evolve! … Yatagaramon!”

This is also inconsistent with how the other digimon in the dub evolve. They also don’t announce their Adult forms, but they Warp “Digivolve” instead of simply evolving.

I watched the dub evolution sequences (don’t you ever make me do that again!) and confirmed this. :B Thanks, Josephine!


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