23- One More Digital Dive

Japanese Title: Once Again, to the Digital World: Insekimon's Great Rampage

Sahgo’s Notes: Uh… here we goo…. yaaayyy…. *seriously, this is a boring episode. The next ones are better*

EKEE. In the newspaper, in the TV, and in Kurata’s megaphone. Altough I’m not sure what is in Kurata’s megaphone is actually kana. But… who cares?

Zudomon’s attack change:

Hammer Spark -> Vulcan’s Hammer (yeah, I know that’s old news).

Also, in the dub he screams his attack while in the original he doesn’t.

Insekimon’s name was changed to Meteormon, altough they have quite the same meaning (Inseki = Meteorite). Retained attack.

(1 second) Obligatory Masaru’s punch cut + obligatory slash-impact-screen.


Total episode retained: 99%.

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