22- The Wrath of SaberLeomon

Japanese Title: Defeat the Ultimate Level! The Wrath of SaberLeomon

Sahgo’s Notes: Another accurate dub title!! Super-special-awesome!

About the episode dub: another super accurate one. Today we have lots of naked scenes. Unfortunately they are little boys’, little girls’ and guys’, so it wasn’t really fun. *Sigh*

Kurata retained his name. And his self definition of “digimon otaku” was accurately changed to “digimon nerd”.

(Added 08.04.2008) Macho Duck: Reader Pokemega spotted an inconsistency in the episode recap as compared to the previous episode:

“In the recap for the last episode, Kurata says “It’s showtime!”, his catchphrase from the Japanese version, but for some reason, in that actual episode, he didn’t say it, even though it’s there here.”

Thanks, Pokemega!

Kana erased on the box where Falcomon is hidden. Bah.

(1 second) Chika throwing a naked Ikuto in the bathtub.

I just love his face in this shot. ^_^

And nothing like the classic censorship of a towel!


There isn’t a lot of kana in this episode, but the few that are there… EKEE!!

(Added 08.04.2008) In Digimon Adventure SaberLeomon’s attack was called “Infinity Arrow” (which is the correct name), but here it is called “Twin Fang” (which is not the correct name).

Thanks goes to Harrison for this piece of information!

(2 seconds) Lilamon getting PWNED!!

But when doesn’t she?

The slash-impact-screen-of-evil is added again, but this time it doesn’t really hide anything. It’s just because the dubbers really love it. I wonder why…

(1 second or so) I wonder if this will happen in EVERY EPISODE from now on…

The whole “Oh-my-RizeGreymon-is-shooting-at-the-audience-again-and-we’ll-cut-it-because-we-have-no-happiness.” Or something like this.

(4 seconds) The scene of SaberLeomon smashing MachGaogamon’s head is way longer originally.

(2 seconds) The same scene of MachGaogamon’s being-smashed head is showed again, but this time is cutted. The funny part is that, originally, Tohma screams “MachGaogamon!!” worried about his partner, but in the dub, since MachGaogamon is apparently out of peril, he just screams “OH NO WHAT’S KEENAN DOING THERE?!” (imagine this sentence being said in the same amount of time needed to say “MachGaogamon”, then you’ll notice why it is funny).

And for those who are wondering, this is the scene.

For some reason, these analyzing lines (or whatever they’re called) were digitally erased in the dub. Maybe because they are similar to a gun’s target thing. Whatever…

Crosshairs. They’re called crosshairs. –Gear

(2 seconds) Uh… you know the drill.


(5 seconds) Masaru… taking a shower…


Total episode retained: 98%.

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