21- The Digimon Army Makes Its Move!

Japanese Title: Big Panic in the Human World: The Digimon Army Makes its Move

Sahgo’s Notes: No, the title I used wasn’t the same the fansubs used, but I believe that “The Digimon Army Makes Its Move” is a fine translation for “Dejimon gundan shingeki”. I just wanted to show that the dub title is pretty close to the original (or at least half of it). I’m surprised. And happy. So I’m surprippy! (please see that Sahgo isn’t feeling normal today).

For the weirdest reason ever, in that “previously on Digimon” part, they added THE SLASH-IMPACT-SCREEN!!! (eccho!) to cover the scene when Masaru punches the giant robot-house thing’s fist. Ok, first: the scene was shown with no problems in the previous episode. Second: the scene is the most innofensive “Masaru’s punch” scene to date, and; Third: WHO, IN THIS WORLD OR ANY OTHER, WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO USE A SLASH-IMPACT-SCREEN TO COVER UP A PUNCH!?
(Sorry for screaming, I just had to take this off my chest).

EKEE over the city. And not only kanji, but some english words too.

Pteranomon’s name changed to Pteramon.

Attack change: Beak Pierce —-> Sharp Wing.

The Boarmon, on the other hand, retained their names. So did their attack, Nose Blaster.

Masaru: “I’ll show you how the street fighting king, the great Masaru, destroys everything!”
Marcus: “I’ll show you how the king of ultimate fighting does things!”

The line is so close yet so far…

(1 second) Pteranomon shooting missiles (stupid cut because a a hundred of other missile-shooting scenes were retained).


(2 seconds) The missiles destroying the city (another stupid cut because another hundred of other city-blowing-by-missiles scenes were retained).


Ok, this episode shows how lazy those edit people are. I mean, when a PURPLE sign is EKEE’d, the logical action would be to paint it over PURPLE, right? Well, in this episodes a bunch of signs, no mather how colored they originally were, were painted white. It’s really weird. And stupid.



In the dub Boarmon screams his attack name, while in the original he says nothing.

(1 second or almost) Another scene of the Pteramon shooting their missiles. You know, pointless cuts like this are the reason for the society to be so rude and selfish! …Well, not really, but they COULD be!

(1 second) RizeGreymon shooting. This time they cutted because it shows clearly that the Trident Revolver is a revolver (uuuh…. “Vegeta, how many times should I say ‘duh’?” *Vegeta pops out of nowhere* “OVER NINE THOUSAAANNNDD!” “Yeah… I agree”).

They call me Jesse James! (Not a Pokémon reference.)

KnightChessmon -> retained.

I must say that the dub BGMs for this episode are pretty good. In fact, Data Squad has a fine selection of dub BGMs, and that makes me happy (because all the other seasons, maybe except for Frontier, which I didn’t watch, had Awful (with big ”A”) dub BGMs).

The happy reunion scene of Ikuto and Falcomon retained almost all the dialogue, but Falcomon’s voice simply ruin everything >_< It’s hard to imagine Master Yoda saying “We don’t need to be accepted by anyone as long as we have each other”. Except in bad fanfics, but that’s a whole other thing.

By the end of the episode, that scene of the city being destroyed, that was cut before, is recycled by the lazy japanese animators (ok, they’re not lazy… that much) and is not cut in the dub. I don’t know why. Don’t ask why. I have no idea why. Why?

Total episode retained: 98%.

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