04- My Kick Is Painful! Female Warrior Fairymon!

English: Kazemon Kicks It!

Review by Gordobaggins

GordoBaggins’ Notes: Michael Sorich writes todayyyy. And there’s a LOT of  shifted/added scenes… I don’t think I even caught them all O.o


Bokomon: Now which way to go, left or right, or right or left or up or down, […], fast or slow… Bleh.
J.P.: It’s like I’m the beef, and he’s the jerky!

You’re not a very bright ray of sunshine on anyone’s day either. Although you are beefy.


Interestingly enough, they left the Japanese on the Soyokaze Village sign, but they call it Breezy Village. 😛


J.P.: He reminds me of white chocolate. It may look good, but no taste!

Is that a racial joke? I swear, I’m surprised they didn’t pull this dub off the air for all the inappropriate things they’ve been saying. xD


Zoe: Smell that air!

x.x First Koji claims air has a smell, and now Zoe? GAH.


Floramon: A specialty of Soyokaze, our fruit soup.
Floramon: Soup a la Floramon!

Soup of the Floramon? Cannibals.


The dub Floramon singing burns my ears. D:


Floramon: It’s brain food!

I doubt it…


J.P.: Maybe you should put in a video arcade!

Yeah! Let’s play Donkey Madness! X.X


J.P.: Why, I’ve got an eyebrow that can clean and jerk 250!

That’s… mighty attractive.


Tommy: Should we find a gas station and ask for directions?



Mushmon -> Mushroomon, and Poison Smash -> Giggle Grenade.

They added a scene into the dub with the Mushroomon throwing bombs before they land. They also do the same thing with a scene of Floramon laughing and Zoe looking around at them, before Mushroomon responds… and what do we use this scene for…?


Floramon: You’re a real fun guy!

…That. Adding scenes to add stupid jokes FTL.


J.P.: They’re toasting this place like an English muffin!

Do they eat those in Japan?


Mushroomon 1: We’ve had it with your flower power!
2: And we’re gonna…
3: …totally rotten Breezy Village!

“Rotten” isn’t a verb.


Neemon: She’s starting a parade!


Fairymon -> Kazemon Yay, let’s change another commonly known English word into something from another language…
Brezza Petalo (“Petal Breeze in Italian”) -> Hurricane Wave. Way to remove some of that Italian flavor Izumi had.
Tornado Gamba (“Gamba” = Italian for Leg) -> Tempest Wind (Twist?)

[Update, 11.11.2007: The attack name is Tempest Twist. Thanks, Kanabi!]

Arido Anca (“Dry Hip”) -> “How about a little Love Tap?” (yeah, that’s kid appropriate…)
Branch Drain [Updated 3 February 2010 by garmmon] -> Branch Bash


Bokomon: Fairymon is incredible!
Bokomon: Think what she can do with vegetables!
Kazemon: You’re bark’s much tougher than your bite!

Has he bitten you yet?


… Where the hell did Junpei get a shovel from?

Licht Kugel (Light Ball in German) -> Howling Laser. Meh. This scene was a lot cooler when Wolfmon didn’t say corny stuff.

The dub moved the scene of train tracks that was originally near the end. Just so Zoe can babble. About Koji. BLEH.


Total episode retained: 100%.

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