10- The Icemon Cometh

10- The Icemon Cometh

Japanese Title: Renamon is my Friend! Ruki's Hesitation

Comparison by: Sahgo

Sahgo’s Notes: How many times do you think they’ll pull this “The [Digimon] Cometh” pun until it gets old?

Episode Thoughts: After the last crapsack of an episode, today’s is very, very cool. Ruki gets awesome characterization, we get a genuinely interesting Wild One (for the first and last time), character development and all that. And despite the fact that IceDevimon got defeated by Guilmon (a Child-level) after beating the crap out of Kyuubimon (an Adult-level), the battle at the end was pretty cool.
Unfortunately this episode wasn’t exactly perfect. I say that firstly because Ruki just has to have multiple personalities disorder – after a previous episode’s little touching “you are my partner” scene, today she went on bashing the word “partner” and friendship and life and yaddayadda. Isn’t she a little too young to have PMS? Because geez was she pissed today!

Other than that, I can only note this episode’s notably bad animation (pay attention to IceDevimon’s arms, people. Look at the weird way they move). Seriously, Toei, I know you’re not recognized for your awesome quality, but…. yuck.

Dub Thoughts: The first half of the episode was perfect – almost word-by-word, taking some liberties with the script but not too much. The second half was sort of loose at first, especially when it came to IceDevimon’s (creepy) lines, but after that became close to the original as well. So, 75% of the episode was close to the original’s counterpart. Not bad, I’d say.

Dub by Adele Lim. Wow, even she has good days!

Still not willing to give the last episode a break, I say that both of the episode recaps are stupid.

The dub one has Davis say that Takato was the only one who could bring Guilmon back through the power of friendship. That is bullcrap, since it was the last episode’s Gainax Ending that brought Guilmon back.

The japanese one has Masako Nozawa talk about how that experience made Takato grow as a Tamer, which is bullshit since all he did was try (un)funny shenanigans to accomplish something and then cry like a little bitch. How did that make him GROW?!

Garh. Anyway, let’s forget about that crap and head to today’s episode.

Yamaki: “It’s trying to Realize. Not only itself, but its surroundings as well.”
Yamaki: “It’s trying to bio-emerge. I don’t know what it’s bringing along, but it’s bigger than a bread box.”

…and why would that be a threat?

Rika’s flashbacks have quite a lot more BGM variation and lines than Ruki’s flashbacks do.
Also, somebody pointed me that, in that scene, Rika is listening to an Adventure (dub) track on her headphone. I didn’t find it particularly familiar, but there you go.

Ruki: “A Digimon who never absorbed another Digimon managed to evolve…”
Rika: “I’ve seen hamsters with more battle experience than Guilmon, but still, he could digivolve.”

Well, the line is not that dumb. If Rika ever had a hamster, it surely was a VERY badass hamster.

Ruki: “That other time too…”
Rika: “And so could that whiny (?) little rabbit.”

Well, Terriermon had more experience than hamsters. Or I’m underestimating Rika’s hamster.

Ruki: “I thought they evolved by getting stronger…”
Rika: “It’s what I wanted for the longest time; I should be satisfied…”

(But I’m not because ONE OF THEM DID IT FIRST! BOO-HOO!)

Ruki: “What is evolution?”
Rika: “I feel like there’s something I’m missing.”

It’s the evolution card that no one had the bright idea of using. Seriously people, that would’ve saved you a lot of stress.

A little shot of the street was added to help with the commercial…. break… thing.

As a general note, everything Calumon says in the dub is made-up. In this episode, he (literally) only says “culu”s. I’m not sure why, maybe they were trying to make him as cute as a Pokémon.

(What are you doing?)
Culumon: “Culu!”
Calumon: “Eskimo kissing!”

This is a little more subtle joke, and the change wasn’t too jarring.

You see, when Ruki’s mom show up, the crowd is pretty silent as first, in a “Hey, she seems kinda familiar” way. In the middle of her conversation with Ruki, the crowd start looking at her huge poster, then at her, so on. It’s funny that they never actually go to her ask an autograph or anything, just a stunned “Wow, a famous person is in the middle of the street doing nothing” reaction. It’s simple, but quite amusing.

The dub sort of ruined this by adding crowd babble like “It’s her!”, “I can’t believe I’m seeing her!”, etc. As I said, it’s not JARRING, but it’s not as subtle.

As a general note (because I don’t want to transcribe the whole babble), Ruki’s mom’s little scene in the middle of the street was wholly changed. Originally, she’s basically talking about her day, about how she went to a photo session and there was no photo session because she signed to re-schedule it some other day but didn’t remember etc. In the dub, Rika’s mom babbles about how she went to a photo session and a lot of fans wanted her autograph and beauty tips and that being famous was hard and blah. The difference here is that, in the original, Ruki was trying to get away because she started to notice everyone gathering around; in the dub, she seems annoyed by her mom’s babble and wants to get away to stop listening to it.
Ruki’s mom: “So you like those things too…”
Rika’s mom: “Rika, I think your toy is just adorable!”

Just wait ’till he talks…
Ruki: “What are you doing?”
Rika: “You had to be cute, didn’t you?”

Rika using the word “cute” in a sentence… oh Christ.
In a not very important note, Rika is also much ruder to Calumon than Ruki is to Culumon, when they part ways. Not very important, seeing how Ruki is suffering of multiple personalities disorder in this episode.

Renamon’s lightning sounds still give me the chills. And not the good kind.

And as another general note, Impmon’s nicknames and connotations for other characters are dumb. ALL OF THEM. I really won’t bother transcribing because I don’t feel like interpreting his accent. Among them is “digi-poodle”, which is very, very painful.
Ruki’s mom: “Try it, you’ll look so cute in it!”
Rika’s mom: “Try it, it’ll make you look more like a girl!”

Just added because the dub’s line is the kind of stuff that makes children depressed.
Ruki: “Uhm, well… Some weird guy at the park gave it to me. So…”
Rika: “That was for a science project. We had to measure the effects of gravity on small objects, so I threw it off a bridge!”

Probably changed to avoid unfortunate implications – a weird stranger at a park giving a little girl a stuffed toy? That… has weird interpretations. Besides, the dub line is pretty funny, so yeah.
Ruki’s grandma: “I told you, one’s tastes don’t change so easily. You’re like this too, aren’t you?”
Ruki’s mom: “Well, I think so…”

Rika’s grandma: “Rika just has her own style, that’s all; honestly dear, there are more important things in life than looking pretty.”
Rika’s mom: “Really? Like what?”

…Is… Rika’s mom some sort of alternative version of Mimi?
Associated with Ms. Asaji’s Kari-bitchiness… wow. There are whole theories to be made about this sort of thing.
Ruki: “Partner? You’re just a Digimon, and that has nothing to do with ‘Partner’!”
Rika: “Let’s get this straight: I don’t buy all this stuff about ‘partners’ and ‘feelings’.”

Listed because of the “and FEELINGS” part. It’s so easy to put some sort of emo joke there…
Ruki: “I’m going out. Don’t follow me.”
Rika: “I don’t need you. I don’t need anybody.”

So, so very easy.
(Keep this whole Card Combo thing in mind)
Takato: “It’s something hard to pull, right?”
Takato: “Yeah, that and the other million things you told me.”

I love this scene. Imagine it with a huge “PRODUCT PLACEMENT” in the middle of it.
Impmon: “Terriermon!”
Impmon: “Well, if it isn’t the dumb-dumb club!”
Terriermon: “I know [I should ignore him]”
Terriermon: “Easy for you to say, you can’t smell him.”

Any comment about Terriermon being annoying is already irrelevant.

It’s probably just me, but… doesn’t the way IceDevimon acts and talks around Ruki seem a little… creepy? I mean, in a “child-abuser” way. I hope it’s just my disturbed mind playing tricks on me, but… garh, does he have to do this whole “embracing her with his wings from behind”? It’s so creepy!

About the mon man himself – IceDevimon is voiced by Jurouta Kousugi in the original (who also voices Qinglongmon), and by Michael Reisz in the dub (who also voices Matt in Adventure). Kousugi’s voice is more low-pitched, and therefore more monstrous than Reisz’s voice, who sounds like a teenager. Still, they added a computer effect to IceDevimon’s voice in the dub, so that it sounds more unreal and threatening. In my opinion, it works well.

IceDevimon: “You hate it, don’t you? Being half partners, half friends… you treat others coldly because you want to be that cold yourself, don’t you?”
IceDevimon: “The way you treat people, as you think you’re cold as ice, with no time for weak warm relationships.”
Rika: “Yes…”
IceDevimon: “You always expect perfection from yourself, and from others you demand it.”

I listed more because of the “cold as ice, no time for weak, warm relationships”. That pun was just… argh.
Now, here is a confusing one:

IceDevimon: “I fought, and I survived. Only the strongest ones can do so, here. A cold death awaits the others.”
IceDevimon: “For years I fought hundreds of Digimon and absorbed their data. They were friends to some, maybe even partners.”

Listed because…. no. Seriously, this is not Digimon Adventure 02 in which everybody has a Digimon partner – this is Tamers; the only non-main-characters who could be the ones mentioned by Icey here would be Ryo Akiyama (who is still locked in the Digital World) and Alice McCoy, who probably doesn’t even have Dobermon yet. So, IceDevimon is either lying or creating a plot hole.
Ruki: “What is this…?”
IceDevimon: “The Digimon I have defeated.”
Ruki: “How horrible…”
IceDevimon: “It’s not horrible, it’s for the sake of evolution. It’s what you’ve been doing, Ruki.”

IceDevimon: “But as you once said, they’re merely stepping stones.”
Rika: “I never said that…”
IceDevimon: “Oh, but you did. I fight to digivolve; you made your Digimon do the exact same thing.”

Er… the dub dialogue is sort of off.
Ruki: “Is this what evolving and growing stronger mean? Is this what I ordered Renamon to do? How disgusting…”
Rika: “No; I couldn’t see it before, but there’s more to Digimon than fighting. I’d eat dirt before ever letting Renamon become what you are: a monster!”

WHOA, easy on the epiphany, girl.
And calling a Digital Monster a “monster” is sort of pointless, don’tcha think?
IceDevimon: “Who are you talking to? Me… or maybe yourself, Ruki?”
IceDevimon: “Better be a strong monster… than a weak nobody. Is that what you really want, to be a nobody?”

(Therefore, you must stay in school and graduate to become someone in life!)
Ruki: “Don’t call me ‘Ruki’ as if you knew me!”
Rika: “I’ll tell you what I don’t wanna be: partner of some freakshow Digimon!”

Ouch, that’ll put him in his place o.x
IceDevimon: “I knew you wouldn’t be convinced easily.”
IceDevimon: “Ah, you have no idea how exquisite you are when you’re angry.”

IceDevimon: “I guess it will take more than that, but I like it better that way.”
IceDevimon: “I’ve been searching so long for someone like you: with a heart of ice, and a will of stone, and now my search is over.”

Ew, Saban. EW.
Ruki: “Go find someone else!”
Rika: “In your DREAMS, pal!”
IceDevimon: “Isn’t that right?”
IceDevimon: “We’re perfect for each other!”

IceDevimon: “You don’t need two partners. I can arrange a battle so you can see who is really worthy.”
IceDevimon: “You’ve never settled for second-best before; why start now? Why waste your time and beauty when you can obtain the best?”

Listed for “time and beauty” part. It’s… argh.
Takato: “That’s a Digital Field, isn’t it?”
Jenrya: “Probably. Let’s go in!”

Takato: “This is it! Does anyone have any bright ideas?”
Henry: “Just one: let’s try not to get ourselves creamed.”

Hmmm, cream.
Takato: “What is this place?”
Takato: “Who left the freezer on?”

Ruki: “Let me go! Let me go now!”
Rika: “Let me go, you frozen freak!”

Alliteration is MENACING.
Jenrya: “He must be pretty powerful, judging by the influence he has over this place…”
Henry: “He’s much stronger than any Digimon we’ve ever defeated before!”

(Henry: I can sense his power level!
Takato: Really? What is it?
Henry: ITS… 8999!
Takato: That’s bad?
Henry: Well, yes. But it could be worse. It could be OVER…)
Jenrya: “After all, Guilmon and Terriermon didn’t even notice him Realizing.”
Terriermon: “What should we do, Jen?”

Henry: “What we really need is an effective strategy to deal with him…”
Terriermon: “Like a kick in the pants!”

Guilmon: “Guilmon will save Ruki!”
Guilmon: “Ready, set, A~AND GO!”

(Here he comes, here comes Guil Racer, he’s a demon on wheels!)

A scene of IceDevimon EVIL LAUGHING at us was extended for about 3 seconds. Why? Because Michael Reisz just had too much fun doing it.

The same goes for a scene of Culumon talking that followed that. Why?

Where did these two get those two things?

Especially Jenrya… what in the holy name of Hideo Kojima IS that?

IceDevimon: “It’s useless. They will both die frozen.”
IceDevimon: (Something that I didn’t got with the word ‘warm’ in the middle. If someone can tell me what in BLAZES is he saying, feel free to tell me).

[Macho Duck: It’s “I hear one becomes quite warm just before freezing!”

That’s right. I cut you all off. HA!]
Jenrya: “I won’t let that happen!”
Henry: “You’re so twisted it’s scary!”

[Sahgo bursts into uncontrollable laughter]
In a minor note, IceDevimon starts to talk how about Ruki has mellowed since she met Takato and co. and that she should go back to being her older self. In the dub this is replaced for more “you need a partner like me who is strong and cold and awesome and blah” babble.
IceDevimon: “I will destroy her, and then we can start again, together” (….creepy)
IceDevimon: “I’d love to stay and chat, but I have to destroy you.”

I admit that I love the dub line. It’s so affably evil.

IceDevimon attack change:

Frost Claw -> Frozen Claw
Zero Freeze -> Thundra Freeze (although it sounds like Thunder Free…)
Ice Shower -> Avalanche Claw (sounds like “Avalanche, GRAAAAWWWWRRR!!”. Which is much more amusing)

(both versions)
Ruki/Rika: “I can’t let her evolve/digivolve. She might end up like IceDevimon!”


Kyuubimon: “Now it’s over!”
Kyubimon: “Where are you going, FROSTY?!”

(I’m going to the Megami Tensei franchise where I’m loved)

As a personal opinion, I don’t get it – why did Guilmon absorb IceDevimon’s data? I thought Takato and Jenrya were into the “maybe if we let it go free it will get reborn” theory.

Total footage retained: 100%.
Well, I’ll never have to listen to IceDevimon’s dialogue again. Thank Jinnai!

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