03- Digimental Up

03- Digimental Up

English: A New Digitude

Dub Written By: Nimoy and Buccholz, of course.
Episode Notes: This episode isn’t the worst, but it really starts forcing the love triangle of DavisxKarixTK to extreme levels.

The three new Digidestined and TK and Kari travel to the Digital World without the older kids, and find themselves caught in a trap courtesy of the Emperor. Just when it appears all hope is lost, TK and Kari find two new Digieggs, which transforms their Digivices and gives Patamon and Gatomon the ability to Armor Digivolve. The new Pegasusmon and Nefertimon save the day.

Original: No dialogue, just typing.
Ken: “Let’s see. Just a few simple modifications…Perfect. Hmhmhmhm.”

The original was way more foreboding.

Original: No dialogue, but footsteps are heard approaching the lab. The Digimon hide nervously.
Patamon: “The classroom is empty! I think it’s safe to come out now.”
Gatomon: “Hold on, I’m still taking the spelling test!”
Patamon: “Sh! I hear someone coming!”
*the Digimon hide**Upamon, Poromon, and Demiveemon giggle*

The Digimon were originally nervous, and rightly so: they could have been caught and turned in or something if someone else stumbled upon them. The dub tried to make them seem much more playful, and the result is an awkward collision of happy-go-lucky dialogue and acting and tense artwork. Gatomon is especially ready for action, despite (because of?) the fact that she hasn’t finished her test yet.

Chibimon: “Daisuke?”
Daisuke: “Are you there?”
Demiveemon: *sniffs* “Smells like…Davis!”
Davis: “Are you saying I stink? I’ll have you know I showered two Thursdays ago!

Daisuke: “Is everyone alright?”
Davis: “Demiveemon! Did you guys have a good day at school?”

Gatomon: “No. I never finished that spelling test, so I’ll probably fail Language.”
But seriously, they’ve been locked in a computer room all day. I don’t know what the schools our fair writers have been looking at, but I certainly never had spelling tests in the computer lab, especially not in the year 2000.

Takeru: “I forgot that your family runs a convenience store.”
TK: “Good idea, in-training Digimon are bottomless pits!”

Show and don’t tell, dubbers. Besides, ALL Digimon are bottomless pits…or they were in the first season, at least.

Daisuke: “Wow, you can have snacks anytime you want, for free!”
Miyako: “Here you are!” *to Davis* “Not really…sometimes I have to help out. It’s hard work.”
Davis: “If my family owned a convenience store, I’d eat candy all day long until my teeth fell out.”
Yolei: “It’s not that glamorous. I have to pay for anything I eat, even if I work there. But the job comes with a great pension plan!”

Yolei’s face with that last line is amazing. By amazing, I mean that it makes absolutely no sense but it’s hilarious.

Upamon: “Yummy! Yummy! Yummy!”
Chibimon: “Super yummy!”
Upamon: “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my WHOLE life, all two days of it!”
Demiveemon: “Me too!”

Original: adorable.
Dub: annoying.

Poromon: *flies around the room in excitement, crowing almost like a rooster*
Poromon: “It’s hot, it’s hot, fire! Owhoohoohoo! Owwwhoo!”

I think the dubbers thought he looked like he had eaten spicy food because his face was flushed with excitement. That’s the only explanation I have.

Tailmon: “I’m anxious just thinking about our future.”
Gatomon: “I hope my first litter doesn’t act like this.”

Why does the dub insist on treating Gatomon like a normal cat? She’s a Digimon. She won’t have a first litter, or any litter for that matter. They really play her catness up in this season.

Daisuke: “Anyway, is the gate open?”
Miyako: “Let me check.” *crosses room and wakes up computer* “It’s open!”
Davis: “Let’s check to see if the gate’s open.”
Yolei: “It’s open!” *crosses room and wakes up computer* “Perfecto!”

So it wasn’t that Yolei could see out of the side of her head, she’s just psychic about the gate opening. Makes sense to me! /sarcasm

Hikari: “When I saw him in the classroom, he said he wouldn’t go home until he finished his lunch.”
Yolei: “He’s still in the lunchroom. Last time I checked, he was still chewing the same carrot 50 times.”

Yolei sounds really rude here, which is especially stark in comparison to the mild-mannered Hikari. And they omitted the fact that Japanese students eat lunch in their classrooms, because other cultures are evilllllll.

Iori’s teacher: “You don’t have to eat it all.”
Iori: “No, we shouldn’t waste food. That’s what my late father always said.”
Teacher: “I see…”
Cody: “I’m so stuffed! I only have one more tomato to eat.”
Cody’s teacher: “You don’t have to eat every bite, Cody.”
Cody: “You should never throw away any food unless it smells bad. My father used to say that before he passed away.”
Teacher: “Oh, I see.”
Cody: *sniffs tomato*

Roughly the same, but the tomato sniffing cracks me up. He looks like the smell is making him cry.

Daisuke: “What’s the matter with him?”
Davis: “Does he know we’re waiting? He’s holding us up.”

Yes, he does know. And he’s thriving on the knowledge. >:)

Reporter: “A computer programming contest was held the other day. We interviewed our winner, prodigy Ken Ichijouji.”
Reporter: “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this latest story!”
Davis: “Aw.”
Reporter: “The results of the national computer programming contest were just announced, and the winner is boy genius Ken Ichijouji!”

I, too, would be upset if one of my shows got interrupted for such an inane news story, Davis.

Ken: “I never thought a kid like me could win. So I was very surprised.”
Ken: “There were many well-deserving geniuses, and I am humbled to think the judges chose me to receive the top prize.”

If that was a contest for Japanese geniuses only, and I mean literal geniuses, I have a sneaking suspicion that there weren’t very many entrants. After all, not every genius is going to focus on computer programming.

Reporter: “We spoke to one of the judges, Professor Shotsuki of Jyonan University.”
Shotsuki: “I’m very impressed! It’s unbelievable that the program was made by an elementary student. He’s certainly a genius. No doubt about it.”
Reporter: “Now let’s go live to the site of the contest with our field reporter, Jerry Rivera! Jerry?”
Jerry: “Thanks, Jackie! Young Ken wowed the judges by creating a computer program that can actually brush your teeth for you. The rumor is next year he’s planning something with floss! I can’t wait! Back to you!”

Ken Ichijouji: Keeping your teeth clean so your breath doesn’t stink as he trounces you in every imaginable field of study.

Reporter: “The other day he played chess against 20 adults. Not only is he good with computers and schoolwork, but with sports as well. He actively participates in judo and soccer.”
Reporter: “Ken’s talents include being able to play one game of chess while everyone watches…


Reporter: “…just last week he actually balanced the world’s biggest checkbook!”


Reporter: “And that’s not all! He’s a champion in judo and a star on the all-state soccer team!”

Okay, that part wasn’t so bad…

Reporter: “And girls, he’s single!”

He’s also twelve. TWELVE! Why couldn’t they just leave the dialogue alone??? I mean, come on! He was so much more awesome-sounding in the original. Twenty games of chess is way cooler than one with “everyone” watching! And that was definitely not a checkbook! Anyone who knows what a checkbook is could tell that in an instant! And why is a news reporter interrupting a children’s show to try and hook up a TWELVE YEAR OLD with a date?!?!?! GWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

…sorry about that. This part is basically the ten-second version of everything that is wrong with the English dub of Digimon, and that much idiocy condensed into ten seconds is too much for the sane half of my mind to take.

Daisuke: “Wow! Great shot!”
Davis: “Wow! He’s almost as good as I am!”

Davis’s humility strikes again.

Reporter: “Now we’ll talk with the boy genius’s parents. Is there any special way to raise a boy like your son?”
Mrs. Ichijouji: “Not really. I didn’t do anything special.”
Mr. Ichijouji: “It was like an ugly duckling laying a golden egg.”
Reporter: “Now let’s talk to the proud parents who raised this genius, Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji. What are some of the advantages of being the mother of one of the most brilliant children in the world?”
Mrs. Ichijouji: “Oh it’s great in the kitchen, he invented dishes that clean themselves!”
Mr. Ichijouji: “Like father, like son. I once guessed how many jelly beans were in a pickle jar!”

Like, whoa. His momma be tripping.

Iori: I can’t believe a person like him exists in the world.”
Cody: “I heard this kid is so smart that one time he gave his teachers homework.”

Yeah, it was right after he got back from balancing Bill Gates’ checkbook.

Takeru: “He’s really amazing! A real genius!”
TK: “Hey! Maybe Ken knows how to beat the Digimon Emperor!”

Just in case the piece at the beginning of the episode wasn’t enough of a hint, LET US DROP SOME ANVILS ON YOU!

Miyako: “I can write some programs, too!”
Daisuke: “But he’s also good at sports!”
Miyako: “Well…”
Yolei: “I know more about the Digital World than that stupid kid.”
Davis: “He may be stupid, but he’s still a genius.”
Yolei: “Uhn.”

Ken Ichijouji, the tooth-and-dish-cleansing all-knowing incredibly-attractive stupid genius!

Patamon: “I wonder what’s going on in the Digital World…”
Patamon: “We’re ready to go back to the Digital World now!”

Everything dub!Patamon says sounds snotty. Yeah, I know it’s because he doesn’t have a nose so he’s naturally nasally in Dubland, but it makes simple dialogue changes turn into scene-changers.

*shot of the gate, then of the kids standing in front of the computer*
Miyako: “The digital gate to the Digital World is open.”
Daisuke: “All right. Let’s go!”
Yolei: *during the shot of the gate* “The gate to the Digital World is open!”
Davis: *during the shot of the kids* “Then what are we waiting for?”
Yolei: “Yeah, forget all this talk about geniuses!”
Davis: “Next stop, the Digital World!”

Unnecessary additions because silences are evil.

Original: No dialogue.
Random People: *exclamations about Ken and computer contests*


Ken: “You’re making my shoe dirty.”
Ken: “Beat it, you mangy little mutt, or I’ll call the pound.”

Derek Stephen Prince’s VA work has gotten better this episode (Imma call him DSP if I ever mention him again, k? K.) And apparently the dog knows what the word “pound” means, because that’s how they explain away this…

One, maybe two seconds of Ken kicking the poor little puppy have been cut in the English. The dub also partially looped him talking for the second half of his line to make up for the time. If you’d like to see the original version, click here.

Mrs. Ichijouji: “Ken-chan, I have to go to work soon. I’m putting your snack on the table. Ken-chan, I know you’re so busy studying…”
Mrs. Ichijouji: “Oh Ken, you’re home! I’m going to work now, Sweetie, I’ll just leave your snack on the table. Oh, I bought a new label maker today! I just can’t stop playing with it, I even labeled the toilet!”
Ken: *grunts*
Mrs. Ichijouji: “Ken sure spends a lot of time alone in his room…”

For Jinnai’s sake, Ken, why aren’t you as excited about that label maker as she is?

On a semi-related note, now that the audience officially knows the Kaiser’s/Emperor’s identity, I’m just going to refer to him as Ken from now on.

Ken: “You’re running away…interesting.”
Ken: “Ooh, a chase, how interesting!”

You know, I think I’ve just realized why Ken is featured in so much slash fan fiction. DSP’s Emperor voice for Ken (and some of his “human” Ken acting) sounds very effeminate at times. This is one of those times.

Ken: “Run…run…”
Ken: “It’s not as fun if I catch you right away.”

The Japanese Ken is infinitely more creepy right here. In the best way possible.

This is a blink and you’ll miss it instance, but the dub inserts a few frames of the Gotsumon watching Ken kick Elecmon into the cell. It’s pointless, because it literally just takes out the exact moment of impact; we still see his leg swing forward for the kick and back right after. If that’s not obvious, I don’t know what is.

Most of the Gotsumon’s dialogue is fine, until this…

Gotsumon 3: “If he thinks he’s gonna catch us, he’s got rocks in his head!”
Gotsumon 2: “Then again, so do we!”


Gotsumon 2: “He’s down again.”
Gotsumon 1: “After they’re caught, they make friends fight until one goes down. And he has fun watching it.”
Gotsumon 2: “He’s making them fight each other!”
Gotsumon 1: “Digimon who are friends would never hurt each other if they weren’t under his evil spell. He enjoys watching their agony!”

The English Gotsumon actors had a little too much fun with their roles, methinks. Everything sounds much more dramatic than it looks in text.

Original: The remaining Gotsumon cower in fear.
Ken: “You two are next.”

What is silence kids? Say it with me: Evil! Very good!

Gotsumon: “And they used to be friends.”
Gotsumon: “How can they fight? They’re best friends!”

This is actually one of those rare moments when I like the dub better. Gotsumon sounds so sad in the English version that I want to cry with him.

Another really strange cut: in the original, the Gotsumon butt heads four times between the free one’s close up and Ken’s laugh. In the dub, they only butt heads twice. It doesn’t make much difference, and it was only like a second or two long, so I don’t get why this happened.

So this is really weird, and kind of random, but remember how the old style of Digivice wasn’t picking up the signal from the Digimentals in the last episode? Now it appears that Takeru and Hikari’s are registering them. Maybe it’s because it’s the signal of their Digimentals, but it comes across as an inconsistency in the plot.

Hikari: “Anyway, let’s go find them.”
Daisuke: “Alright, let’s go find it!”
Kari: “We’ll never know…unless we look for them.”
Davis: “I’ll do anything you want, Kari!”

Ooh, Kari, you don’t even have to slap a Dark Ring on this one!

A shot of the Gotsumon butting heads (and sounding incredibly exhausted by now) is replaced by Ken smiling and laughing. You can still hear them grunting in the dub under Ken’s lines, so it takes little brainpower to figure out what’s happening, but it’s another defining moment of Kaiser!Ken’s characterization that’s glazed over. He’s so sadistic that he’ll watch these “game characters” slowly kill one another in a painful and exhausting manner. Creepy.

V-mon: “Where is it?”
Daisuke: “I think it’s around here.”
Takeru: “What kind of Digimon will appear this time?”
Armadimon: “We have no idea.”
Miyako: “But are there other Chosen Children?”
Hawkmon: “We don’t know that either.”
Davis: “Hey, it’s getting pretty dark in these woods. Here Kari, I’ll hold your hand so you don’t get scared.”
Kari: “I’m NOT scared.”
TK: “And it’s not HER hand, it’s MINE.”
Davis: “Oh, sorry TJ.”
Kari: “And that’s not his name. It’s TK!”
Davis: “Whatever.”

Of all the stupid filler they could have made up for here, they had to choose this. As if the forced love triangle the dub team is forcing upon Davis, Kari, and TK isn’t painful enough, the audience is watching the group as this whole conversation is going down. No hands are being held, and Davis isn’t anywhere near anyone else’s hands anyhow. The closest person to him is Cody, and there are two Digimon between them. Ugh.

Davis restarts the old trend of hushing the group while he’s the only person talking, but otherwise his dialogue remains mostly the same for a little while.

Ken: “How can silly humans like you come in and out of this world?”
Iori: “How…?”
Ken: “Only a Chosen Child can come into this world.”
Others: “What?”
Daisuke: “So why are you here?”
Ken: “Because I am a Chosen Child.”
Takeru: “A Chosen Child?”
Hikari: “You’re one too?”
Ken: “Anyway, when you’re around, I feel quite unhappy because it feels like we’re on the same level.”
Ken: “Who do you think you are, sneaking into the Digital World? What do you think this is, a movie theater or something?”
Cody: “…what’s he talking about?”

Good question, Cody. Good question indeed.

Ken: “Ordinary children are not allowed in the Digital World. Only the Digidestined are.”
Others: “Huh?”
Davis: “We are the Digidestined, Wonderboy!”
Ken: “You? The Digidestined? That’s physically impossible.”
TK: “Why is that impossible?”
Kari: “Yeah, why can’t we be?”
Ken: “It’s simple. Based on the laws of physics, I have determined that only perfect human beings can be Digidestined. And of course I am the only perfect human being.”

Ken learned about a very different set of physics laws than I did. Either that or I missed the lesson on Nimoy’s First Law: “All geniuses are given license to make up stuff about science.”

Daisuke: “Is there a problem if we’re the same?”
Davis: “Oh yeah, big shot? What about Kari?”

On second thought, Kari, put a Dark Ring on him. Maybe he’d shut up for once.

Ken: “A Chosen Child must be a perfect human like me. Not like you!”
Daisuke: “A perfect human?”
Ken: “You are intruders in a place where you don’t belong. You are hereby ordered to evacuate the premises without further notice.”
Davis: “The landlord told my uncle the same thing.”

Thanks for that insight, Davis. Really helpful.

Ken: “If you interrupt my game, I’ll have to punish you.”
Ken: “Why must everyone question my authority? Does it always have to turn into a great big production?”

Again with the removal of the game perspective. It’s really destroying the underlying basis for the Kaiser’s characterization, and they’ll inevitably have to half-assedly correct their removal in the future in order for things to make since.

Ken replaces the narrator this time ‘round. Tyrannomon is apparently “one of the most powerful Digimon” now, and his attack is changed from Fire Breath to Blaze Blast.

Daisuke: “Hey! What are you doing?”
Ken: *non-committal sniff*
V-mon: “Let’s do it, Daisuke!”
Davis: “Is that all you’ve got!”
Ken: *long, deep growl*
Veemon: “Are you ready for me, Davis?”

Davis, it’s probably not a good idea to ask the guy trying to take over the whole world if one dinosaur’s firepower is “all he’s got”. It’s unlucky.

Ken: “You actually think the more the better? Come out, my slaves!”
Ken: “You think you can beat me with a little addition? How do you like multiplication?!”

Damn it, Davis!

Dubteam once again decided to repeat the scene of the five Tyrannomon appearing, this time with Ken saying “The more, the merrier!” Also, when Cody says “Digi-Armor Energize”, he sounds like he’s struggling to breathe. His emphysema is really playing up again.

Ken: “My slaves! Attack those two[Tailmon and Patamon]!”
Takeru: “What?”
Ken: *speaking to Gatomon and Patamon* “And you two are useless, I might as well destroy you first.”
TK: “Leave them alone!”

Dub!Ken obviously failed at his research if he thinks Gatomon and Patamon are useless.

Patamon: “At this point we’re only slowing down our friends!”
Tailmon: “It’s so frustrating…!”
Patamon: “I thought that cats were always supposed to land on their feet.”
Gatomon: “Oh shut up.”

An appropriate response to any mention of Gatomon being a cat.

Digmon: “I’ll fight you now.”
Digmon: “Hello boys! Looks like you have some cavities that need filling!”

I thought their teeth looked lovely, Digmon. You’re just trying to cheat them out of some insurance money, aren’t you?

Daisuke: “You’re playing dirty, Kaiser!”
Davis: “That’s not fair, we’re outnumbered!”

Actually, each side has five Digimon. So. Besides, Daisuke was saying that it was unfair to focus their attacks on the two weakest members of the group, not that the numbers were uneven.

Ken: “It’s not how you play the game, it’s whether you win or lose.”

Interesting philosophy. Someone needs to have a word with his soccer coach.

Fladramon: “Darn it!” *Ken blocks him from helping the others* Tch!
Flamedramon: “Going somewhere? You’ll have to get through me first to get to them. *Tyrannomon growls* Eeurgh!”

I hate to break it to you, Flamedramon, but you’re gonna have to go through THEM, not the other way around.

Iori: *seeing the Digimentals* Is that…?
Hikari: “The Digimentals.”
Takeru: “If we move them, will another Digimon be born?”
Hikari: “But there’s no Chosen Child here.”
Takeru: “There’s nothing we can do…”
Cody: “What are those?”
Kari: “They’re Digieggs?”
TK: “Great, what do we do now, wait around for a new kid to lift it so another new Digimon will be born?”
Kari: “But there aren’t any Digidestined left.”
TK: “What are those symbols on the front of them?”

How TK can see the fronts of the Digieggs with so much light is beyond me.

Takeru: “I was able to lift it!”
TK: “I’m stronger than I thought!”

And I thought we had already ascertained that strength is not relative to the ability to pick up the Digieggs. I guess we were both mistaken.

And in the most unsurprising plot revelation ever, Patamon and Tailmon get Armor Evolutions! Pegasmon is “Soaring Hope” in the original and “Flying Hope” in the dub, while Nefertimon goes from being “The Light of Smiles” to “The Angel of Light”. I kind of thought Angewomon already filled that particular role, but whatever.

Hikari: “It’s us! So they were our Digimentals! Nefertimon!”
Nefertimon: “Great, Hikari! Now we can fight with them!”
Kari: “Nefertimon, you’re beautiful. But the best part is now that you can fly, we don’t have to walk anymore!”
Nefertimon: “Well don’t get too excited, these wings aren’t broken in yet.”

I like Nefertimon’s voice. It still didn’t make that terrible dialogue okay.

Pegasmon: “Takeru!”
Takeru: “We’re not holding them back anymore.”
Pegasusmon: “TK!”
TK: “Alright! My very own Armor Digimon!”

I don’t like Pegasusmon’s voice yet. It made the terrible dialogue worse with only two syllables.

“Break-Up” plays in the original version from the time Patamon and Tailmon evolve into their new forms, and remains in play through the battle. The dub chooses to insert dramatic music when Davis and Yolei are backed against the cliff, as if viewers don’t already know they’re going to be saved by the new forms.

Pegasmon becomes Pegasusmon in the dub.
Narrator: “Pegasmon! A holy-beast Digimon that becomes strong against evil. His secret technique is a holy beam, the Silver Blaze!”?
Armadillomon: “That’s Pegasusmon! He’s one wild horse! When he attacks with his Star Shower his enemy will be blasted into outerspace.”

So to be clear…Pegasusmon stopped being a holy beast and became a wild horse…IN SPACE!

Narrator: “Nefertimon! A holy-beast Digimon that fights darkness with a powerful light. Her secret technique is red hot beams shot from her headdress, The Curse of the Queen!”
Veemon: “And that’s Nefertimon! She is a flying fighting machine with nine lives, and she’s quite a shot when tossing those Rosetta Stones of hers!”

And Nefertimon gave up her holiness for a career in Egyptian shotput?

Also, their dual attack Sanctuary Bind became Golden Noose, Pegasmon’s Needle Rain was lumped in with Star Shower, and Nefertimon’s Nile Jewelry became another version of Rosetta Stone.

Original: No dialogue until the kids are back in the computer lab.
Hikari: “I can’t forgive that kid! He’s abusing those unable to evolve!”
Kari: “I wanna get a digital picture of this for my computer scrapbook.” *transition back to the computer lab* “These photos turned out great, except the Tyrannomon all have redeye. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot they always have red eyes.”

But…but we clearly just saw…blue eyes…less than thirty seconds before…

Daisuke: “Exactly! I’ll beat him to a pulp.”
Hikari: “Don’t you agree with me, Takeru-kun?”
Takeru: “Yeah, I can’t believe he’s human like us. And it’s crazy for him to think the Digital World is all his.”
Davis: “I’m so mad! Just wait ‘til I get my hands on that Digimon Emperor!”
Kari: “You’ll defeat the Emperor, won’t you TK?”
TK: “I’m not sure, Kari, but we’ll give it our best shot. The problem is that we’ve never faced an enemy who’s human before. How do we fight him?”

Kari is either a Class A+ bitch or she just didn’t hear Davis’s statement and just happened to choose the perfect moment to show her unwavering trust in TK’s ability to protect her. I’m leaning toward the former.

Iori: “I realize that everybody’s Digimentals are different.”
Daisuke: “What? What do you mean?”
Iori: “Daisuke-san, Miyako-san, and I all had Digimon from Digimentals, but Takeru-san and Hikari-san got them in a different way. That is, they didn’t have new Digimon, but their own Digimon were able to Armor Evolve.”
Cody: “TK brings up an interesting point we should all consider.”
Davis: “Oh yeah? What point is that?”
Cody: “Well, this is quite a little army we’ve put together so far. We’ve met our three new Digimon, and they’ve been able to Armor Digivolve, and even Gatomon and Patamon have found a way to bypass the Digimon Emperor’s Dark Digivice as well. But even with all our power combined we still haven’t had the strength to defeat the Digimon Emperor in the Digital World, yet we still keep forgetting the fact that he’s human.”

Well, I mean, they technically haven’t used all their powers combined yet to summon Captain Planet to fight the Emperor. But still, Cody’s got a decent point, even if it a completely different one than Iori made.

Takeru: “Yes, I never expected it.”
Hikari: “But I was really happy.”
Miyako: “Boy, he makes me mad!”
Iori: “The Digimon Kaiser? I wonder who he is exactly?”
Daisuke: “Whatever he is, I just can’t forgive him!”
TK: “Yeah, but I still don’t get it. What’s your point?”
Kari: “He means we have to fight differently!”
Yolei: “How do you suggest we do that?”
Cody: “If we find out his human identity, maybe we can defeat him from this side where his powers aren’t as strong!”
Davis: “What do we do, knock on doors asking for the Digimon Emperor?”

Cody’s thinking way ahead of the game here, but I kind of like it. Yolei, on the other hand, is misdirecting her anger. Why take it out on Kari, girl?

Iori: *thinking* But I’m not the type of person who fights with others…
Cody: *thinking* I knew I shouldn’t have expressed my opinions, now they’ll all just make fun of me.

Iori was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to fight because of his personality. Cody is afraid of being bullied…I think?

Miyako: “It looks like we’re playing an adventure game!”
Daisuke: “I thought you were afraid!”
Miyako: “Mm…never mind!”
Yolei: “You’re a little young to be worrying about those things, Cody.”
Davis: “Yeah, just let us older kids come up with a plan!”
Yolei: “Aren’t they cute?!”

…and it looks like Cody was right. Damn, those guys were cold. And could Yolei get any more vapid?

Original: Nothing but the clacking of a keyboard and an unsettling noise as Ken’s computer turns off.
Ken: “Tomorrow’s another day.”

The original was really creepy. The dub had crappy music and unnecessary dialogue, so it didn’t achieve the creepiness of the original. It’s luckily hard to destroy the symbolism created by the screen blinking off, so the overall feeling of the scene is definitely kept intact.

Total Episode Retained: 99%


  1. MiraJ August 29, 2013 3:01 am  Reply

    This would actually be a useful resource if it weren’t for the stupid note/comments added into this information after every bit of dialogue. You do realize all of your complaints are subjective opinions right? So to try to pass objective judgment on each and every change, nitpicking away things that could actually be re-interpreted in interesting ways to contribute to an interesting perspective of this as a translated work, it just comes off really juvenile.

    And “other cultures are evillllll”? Just…wow. I’m actually Japanese, so I just can’t believe you wrote that. Every single translation of any work inevitably tries to make it make immediate sense to the local viewers; that happens with English works translated/dubbed into languages around the world. I’ve seen it with English works dubbed into Japanese, with some things that the average Japanese person who wasn’t raised in the West like me might not understand being switched to comparable Japanese counterparts. Meanwhile the Digimon dub, both 01 and 02, were very unique at their time for not changing the locations to American ones, for keeping a lot of Japanese names and all the locations, and keeping most of the cultural elements. So to take one moment and put it into this context of such a ridiculous accusation…it’s just really, really, frankly offensive, because it trivializes the struggle some cultures ACTUALLY go through with conservative people telling them their cultures are evil, not to mention disregards that Digimon actually did keep close to the Japanese culture of the show. There obviously wasn’t enough time with those mouth movements to come up with a comparable reason to American viewers why Cody would be in the classroom – one word btw that I didn’t even notice, I actually thought they said classroom and not lunch room – so maybe they just said lunch room. I would have preferred they keep the original, but it’s easy to understand why they may not have.

    The Gatomon cat thing can be interpreted as her being purposefully ironic – the whole POINT is that she’s a digimon and not a cat – and adds a little extra flavor. Oh and when people balance checkbooks, they don’t do it on ACTUAL checkbooks. They do the math separately. As for the long change to Ken’s prodigy stuff, that could be interpreted as absurdity for the sake of absurdity, a form of high comedy. Instead of rapidly dismissing everything, why not take an extra second to see if maybe there’s value there? Ugh I was actually excited to find this website to see changes I hadn’t noticed myself until I saw how gratingly immature the little added commentary is.

    And throwing around how “crappy” everything is…why the hell even bother with this if you hate the dub so freaking much?

    • Lietill August 29, 2013 5:02 am 

      I can not represent the writer of this review, nor can I represent the site seeing as I’ve never written anything for it, but I will say a few things for myself.

      “The comparisons are for primarily for entertainment purposes and should be cited as a source with caution, particularly among audiences where children and people who take television shows way too seriously are present.”

      ^ An excerpt from the front page.

      I understand if this is not the resource you where hoping for. The writers (Not all comparisons are written by the same people) and fans of the site pretty much acknowledge that this project is not meant to be taken too seriously.

      As for the dub bashing, not everyone here hates on the dub. Poke a little fun at it, sure, but the severity and seriousness of it changes from writer to writer and episode to episode.
      I personally see this site as a nostalgic fansite, and being as I grew up with the North American dub, I can tell you I don’t dislike it.

      Now, I am not necessarily trying to defend the review nor the site as a whole. you make a few legitimate points, even if I don’t agree with all of them. My point is ultimately that this site was not built to be an academic resource nor was it meant to hold up to or dish out serious criticism (I don’t think, anyways. Remember, reader. Not a writer.)

      Either way, though, I am sorry if it is not what you would have liked.

    • khgirl08
      khgirl08 August 29, 2013 5:07 am 

      First of all, I’d like to apologize for offending you, MiraJ. As the writer of this review, however, I would like to make an attempt at a rebuttal.

      1) As a technical writer, I do a lot of comparing and contrasting when I write manuals and whatnot. I don’t intend to do it for fun with a series for which I feel so ardently, and I don’t think that was ever the intention of Digimon Uncensored. Certainly the original site I stumbled onto so many years ago was not serious and unable to laugh at itself; why should I make it so now?

      2) I don’t think any other cultures are evil. I don’t think the American dub team thinks Japanese culture is evil. I don’t think that even reads as a serious complaint in my writing. However, the American dubs for both 01 and 02 (the only seasons I’ve seen both versions of) often go out of their way to remove some aspect of Japanese culture from the show, and it gets old. I honestly didn’t know the show took place in Japan when I was a kid until the world tour part of 02, and I was flabbergasted at the revelation. They Americanized the characters and setting so much that I couldn’t tell it was in another country, and that’s just stupid. To suggest that they would need to explain every single difference in the culture, such as Cody eating in the classroom, is insulting to any child watching the show. If they’d been completely transparent about the location in the first place, kids would have understood. I never had any qualms about the cultural differences shown in, say, Sailor Moon, and they didn’t change details like that.

      3) Absurdity for absurdity’s sake is only “a form of high comedy” when it’s done properly. Digimon 02’s dub didn’t achieve that. It’s out of place in this scene, if indeed that’s what they were trying to do in the first place, and it comes across as just really weird. They just decided to make every adult who comes into contact with Ken look an idiot, which isn’t great writing. It’s not even good writing.

      4) The whole Gatomon=cat thing is awesome…to a point. The dub team is trying to force it on viewers at times, almost like “look she’s a cat, have you noticed yet that Gatomon’s a cat, LOOK AT THE KITTY”. It’s not really ironic that she’s referring to herself as a cat, for that matter.

      5) I know what it’s like to balance checkbooks. I own a checkbook. I use it. I balance it. The math doesn’t look like that. The dub team got lazy and decided that balancing checkbooks involved math, ergo all math is balancing checkbooks.

      And you know what? In spite of all these complaints, I don’t hate the dub. In fact, it’s my favorite childhood show. My absolute favorite. I will always love it over the original, even if the original is superior in storytelling and acting. However, I’m writing a satirical piece, and that means taking things to their extremes. Believe me, the original does some stupid stuff too with dialogue and storytelling, and when those come up I’ll gladly roast that version just like I’m doing to the American dub. And it’s okay to be…how did you put it? Ah, right, “gratingly immature”. I mean, you said it yourself:

      “That could be interpreted as absurdity for the sake of absurdity, a form of high comedy. Instead of rapidly dismissing everything, why not take an extra second to see if maybe there’s value there?”

      Try reading my work as a satire before you baselessly accuse me of hatred and cultural ignorance. I’ll be over here, typing immature drivel about two ultimately unimportant shows with the sole purpose of luring in people looking for information in order to mortally offend them. 😉

    • Gear
      Gear August 30, 2013 3:50 am 

      It was mentioned before, and then it was mentioned again, and now I choose to mention it again again:

      “The comparisons are for primarily for entertainment purposes and should be cited as a source with caution, particularly among audiences where children and people who take television shows way too seriously are present.”

      This excerpt, actually written by the site’s original owner MachoDuck, is the basis of this site. Maybe our jokes aren’t always funny, maybe we poke a lot of fun at the dub, but I don’t think any of us HATE the dub. This site is made to entertain – if you want straight information, the Digimon Wiki is a much better place to go.

      As a technical writer, a journalist, an independent video game maker and an author (yes, I’ve had stuff published, no not under the name Gear), it’s in my nature (and my prerogative) to point out what I see as bad writing. Expospeak Gag is bad writing. Flanderization is bad writing. But these are opinions – perhaps some people find these types of gags humorous. But when comparing the original to the dub, we tend to poke fun at it because we see problems that we feel we wouldn’t have done (assuming we’re not fighting censors all the way and back), and because it makes the comparisons a lot more fun to write for us, and according to many people, more fun to read for them. I’ve always strived to create comparisons that were as much fun as MachoDuck’s, but that’s not always going to happen. At the end of the day, we’re here to have fun.

      So I’m sorry if you’re offended, and I’m sorry if you don’t like our site — if that’s the case, I recommend the Digimon Wiki ( http://digimon.wikia.com ) for more straightforward answers to these questions. This site is partly informational, but is largely satire (as evidenced by our statement of being an MST3K-style commentary on the front page).

  2. Lithp August 30, 2013 1:50 am  Reply

    Enjoy my totally unwanted & superfluous $0.02:

    Honestly, the review for this episode showed me just how terrible the dub for this episode, & possibly the whole season, really is. Nearly everything that annoyed me about it came from the dub. And it annoyed me a LOT.

    I like the dubs for Adventure, Tamers, (screw Frontier altogether), & Data Squad, so it’s not like I’m a sub snob, or anything. It’s also not that EVERY dub addition was bad, but that thing with Ken, making fun of Cody for his perfectly reasonable observations, the (obviously) fake conversation about hand holding, Davis’s obnoxious attitude, the love triangle, all of that is just painful. It’s just that generally bad dubs DO happen, & this is one of them.

    I can sort of agree that the site might be more helpful if it nixed the jokes, though. Sorry, but they’re kind of hit-&-miss, mostly doubling the amount of stuff to read, which is a bit ironic, considering that less than 50% of the episodes have articles.

    As for Americanization, they probably just had strange ideas about what American kids would find confusing. Wasn’t dubbing animez for kids pretty new at the time?

    • khgirl08
      khgirl08 August 30, 2013 2:43 am 

      Well, if I can get enough two cents I can go buy a dollar sandwich somewhere, so by all means keep ’em coming. Hahaha.

      As much as I rag on the dub, I just have so many great memories associated with it that nostalgia forces it to be my favorite. As an adult, I agree that it’s pretty shoddy work.

      And I know the humor is hit and miss; if I were a comedy genius I’d be on a stand-up tour or writing for Comedy Central or something. I’m just trying to make it funny, though I have been playing around with not commenting on *everything* to cut down on the amount of bad humor and superfluous reading. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have torn into MiraJ’s comment, because they do have some really good points…as do you.

      I wouldn’t say that dubbing anime for kids was new, exactly. I’d been watching Sailor Moon and DBZ and Pokemon for a while before I discovered Digimon, and I know there were others aimed at kiddos. I think a lot of the Americanization, especially in the second season when they didn’t cut out kanji, is the result of lazy writers.

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