01- Enter Flamedramon

01- Enter Flamedramon

Japanese Title: The One Who Inherits Courage

Comparison by khgirl08

Dub Written By: Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz
Episode Notes: And now we start the bumpy ride (to put it nicely) that is Zero Two. Keeping true to dub form, this episode Flanderizes all of the characters and adds in all sorts of corny jokes. It’s not the worst, but it’s far from the best.

It’s been four (well, three years in the original, but…) years since the Tai and his friends had their first adventure in the Digital World, but a new evil is threatening the Digital World and every Digimon within it. When Tai’s Digivice fails to help Agumon Digivolve, it’s time for a new set of Digidestined to step in and save the Digimon from a new enemy. Davis and Veemon manage to work together to save the day, but who is the mysterious Digimon Emperor bringing chaos to the Digital World?

The title isn’t terrible (though it reads like stage directions), but I like “The One Who Inherits Courage” better. It gives more of an idea about what the episode’s about, I think.

Narrator: “That summer was unforgettable…”
???: “We’ve sure grown up a lot since that summer in the Digital World!”

Wait, who the heck is this talking? I don’t remember this voice!

Original: No dialogue
???: Tai’s in high school!

I’m surprised he made it that far…

Narrator: “…three years have passed.”
???: “My brother Matt’s trying to be a rock star.”

…wait, what?! That’s TK TALKING?! Geez, it has been a long time… Also, Matt is clearly doing a pretty good job of “trying to be a rock star” if the amount of fans moshing beneath him is any indication…

Original: No dialogue.
TK: “Sora’s become quite a tennis player!”

Why are you so enthusiastic for that, TK? …it’s the skirt, isn’t it?

Original: No dialogue.
TK: “Izzy’s in high school, too!”

Yeah, TK, we get it. They’re in high school now. And if you pronounce his name “Easy” again…Kabuterimon gonna kick your butt.

Original: No dialogue.
TK: “Mimi and her folks moved to New York.”

Two things: first, this is a much bigger deal in the original, because she moved halfway around the world. Since the Digidestineds’ original home is always so vague in Dubworld, we aren’t exactly sure how far that is. For all we know, they could all live in Ohio or something. Second…why the heck does she have a bright orange afro?! Is that how Japan sees American girls? Ugh.

Original: Still no dialogue.
TK: “And Joe’s still studying to be a doctor.”


Original: No dialogue.
TK: “But for Kari and I, it’s just the beginning.”

But, but…didn’t you guys have the beginning four years ago along with the others? Or are we pretending that you guys didn’t go to the Digital World as eight year olds?

Okay, so apparently TK is stepping into Tai’s old shoes as the main-but-not-actually-main character, seeing how he introduces us. Also, the dub thinks kids have no memories whatsoever, so they forced him to go through and reintroduce us to everyone. Fine, whatever. I’m also kind of annoyed at the music in the dub already, and we’re only fifteen seconds in. Fantastic.

The opening. Oh my gosh, the opening.

I honestly don’t even know where to start. Unlike in Season 1, where the openings were roughly the same with a few scenes taken out for time reasons in the dub, nothing is the same in this opening. The original is a minute and a half long, the dub a flat minute, so there are obviously a lot of scenes cut and shortened. But the dub team then decided to move everything left around unnecessarily AND THEN they decided to add in random scenes from throughout the season of the Digidestined and their Digimon. For whatever reason, they also focused a lot on the original team of Digidestined and cut a half-second of footage that made the emperor look kind of tragic. It’s just really different.

Also, the dub has kept their absolutely wonderful theme from Season 1, whereas “Butterfly” has been replaced by “Target” in the original. Both songs work pretty well with their respective openings, so I guess it all works out.

The music used in the scene where the Digimon are being attacked by the Emperor is really sinister sounding and kind of cool in the original. In the dub, they ruin it by using the same old “bad things here!” music from last season. The original sees the dark rings just click and activate; the English has all sorts of computery noises to accompany the activation. Also, Unimon in the original cried out a stock horse cry when he was captured. The dub decided to have his voice actor neigh instead…and he honestly sounds like he’s laughing. Hysterically. It’s quite funny.

Original: No dialogue.
Gatomon: “That was close.”

It wouldn’t be such a bad inclusion if Gatomon’s mouth wasn’t visibly UNMOVING for the last two words. Seriously, do the dubbers think everyone is learned in the art of ventriloquism?

Original: No dialogue.
Nancy: “You’re gonna be late for school, TK, hurry up and finish your breakfast!”
TK: “New school, new apartment…but the same old lumpy oatmeal.”

Ungrateful brat.

Takeru’s mother: “I’m sorry I can’t go with you on your first day. I just have to finish this article by the end of today.”
Nancy: “Sorry I can’t drive you to school on your first day, but I have to write this article before the deadline, it’s all about the historical significance of toilet paper.”

An important cause, indeed.

The kanji and kana are obviously swapped out for English, and the names actually change this time.

Takeru: “I’m Takeru Takaishi, 5th grade. I just moved here. Nice to meet you!”
TK: “My name’s TK, and my mom and I just moved into this building. I’m in seventh grade, class A. Nice to meet you!”

So you’re not even going to tell them your REAL name, Takeru? Pah.

Miyako: “I’m Miyako Inoue, 6th grade. My name is written like ‘kyo’ in Kyoto but pronounced ‘Miyako.’ Nice to meet you!”
Yolei: “Oh, hi, my name is Yolei would you like to walk to schoolwithusittakesexactly12.3minutesand that’sifthere’snowind it’ll be fun!”

Yes, Yolei actually talks with no sentence breaks or pauses or even small breaths, at least here. Also, she appears to be channeling Izzy. I thought he went to high school, not an early grave…

Miyako: “And this is Iori.”
Iori: “I’m Iori Hida, 3rd grade. Nice meeting you.”
Takeru: “Same to you.”
Yolei: “Oh, and this is Cody.”
Cody: “Welcome to the building TK! C’mon, we don’t wanna be late on our first day!”
TK: “Let’s do it!”

Okay, if Yolei’s channeling Izzy, Cody is DEFINITELY channeling Yamato’s early-onset puberty. Seriously, he sounds like a chain-smoking old man.

Takeru: “Your goggles are really cool!”
TK: “You look familiar! Must be the goggles.”

Not really that big of a difference, it just gives Davis an excuse to be an idiot later.

Daisuke Miyamoto—>Davis Miyamoto.

Takeru: “Daisuke…? Well, Taichi-san would be in middle school.”
TK: “What am I thinking? That kid can’t be Tai, he’s a much better soccer player than that kid!”

What a jerk! You’ve seen him play for all of five seconds!

Daisuke: “We’re in the same class again, Hikari-chan.”
Hikari: “I’m glad to see you again.”

Davis: “Alright, what luck! You’re in my class again, Kari!”
Kari: “I wouldn’t call that luck.”

Apparently Davis can’t take a hint.

Hikari Yagami—>Kari Kamiya

Daisuke: “I just met a guy who really likes my goggles. I don’t know who he is, though.”
Davis: “Hey, the weirdest thing just happened! This new kids said I reminded him of someone. Probably thinks I’m a movie star.”

Yes, because all movie stars wear goggles.

Teacher: “Your seat is over there, next to Yagami.”
Teacher (dub): “Please sit next to the girl with the ca………ca-mer-a around her neck.”

You take pictures with it, remember?

Daisuke: (thinking) “What! How does he know Hikari-chan so well?”
Davis: (thinking) “That kid’s tryin’ to make a move on my girl!”
TK: “Our teacher looks like Ogremon!”

Nope. Not even a little bit, TK.

Narrator: “Snimon! He is a mantis-like fierce Champion Digimon. His Shadow Sickle attack cuts anything at high speeds.”
Tentomon: “Hurry! Don’t let Sneemon catch us! This praying mantis Digimon can cut through anything with his Twin Sickles attack!”

How do you have time for an infomercial while running for your life?

In the original, the Digimon under the influence of the Dark Rings can’t talk, or at least they don’t. In the dub, they’re at least able to call out attacks.

Taichi: “Agumon!”
Agumon: “Taichi!”
Tai: “Agumon.”
Agumon: “Tai, you’re here!”

This is here simply for voice-acting: Taichi actually sounds concerned for Agumon, whereas Tai sounds like he’s doing a chore.

Taichi: “Why…? Why can’t you evolve?”
Tai: “Did you forget how? It’s just like riding a bicycle. Now start pedaling and Digivolve!”

Yes, Tai, blame Agumon. You know, your best friend? Jerk.

The Kaiser sounds like an early-teenage boy trying to be evil. The Emperor, on the other hand, sounds like a grown man pinching his nose. Why.

The kanji/kana on Tai’s mini-computer and on the lab’s computer screen are replaced by English.

Taichi: “Please! Anyone who gets this message, help us!”
Tai: “We’re gonna need more help. I better contact the others.”

This doesn’t seem all that important until…

Miyako: “How strange! There’s an email for Izumi-senpai, but he already graduated… What’s this? I wonder if this Yagami is that 5th grader…”
Yolei: “Huh? ‘Come to the Digital World right away. The Digimon need our help.’ It must be a link to an online game. Let’s see who sent it. Tai Kamiya…hey! There’s a girl in the seventh grade with the same last name! This email’s probably hers!”

This tells us two things: first, that the dubbers think kids are stupid and wouldn’t be able to read the words that are taking up the whole screen. More important, however, is the fact that Tai’s STILL an idiot. Honestly, you say you want to “contact the others”, presumably the Digidestined… so you send an email to every computer in the middle school?! Ugh.

Daisuke: “Takeru, what’s your deal with Hikari-chan?”
Davis: “Alright, TJ or JB or whatever it is, how do you know Kari?”

And thus marks the beginning of Davis not remembering TK’s name. Buckle down, folks, this lasts for most of the season.

Miyako: “Izumi-senpai!”
Koushirou: “Miyako-kun, can I use the computer lab?”
Miyako: “Sure you can! I’m so glad you’re visiting our school even after graduating!”
Yolei: “Izzy!”
Izzy: “Hey, Yolei, I’m glad I found you! I need to use the computer room right away!”
Yolei: “You mean the legendary former computer club president is actually looking for me? I’m honored!”

If Izzy is the most famous member…that must be the worst computer club EVER. Also, why does Yolei get star-struck and act like she hardly knows him? She’s only like a year or two younger than him AND was in computer club with him.

Koushirou: “I’ve got his email, too. And when I was going to reply, the batteries ran out. It’s faster to come here from my school than going home.”
Izzy: “I was just about to send Tai an answer when the battery ran out on my computer! I knew I should have recharged it after I played Trigonometry Trivia on the Internet last night, but boy! Talk about fun!”

While Izzy is trying to act smart again, the kids’ faces in the background are hilarious. Davis looks terrified, and Yolei looks like she’s lost all faith in her hero.

Miyako: “So what is it? What’s a Digimon?”
Yolei: “Hey, guys, I’ve got an idea! Let’s all go to the Digital World!”

Shut up, Yolei.

Original: No dialogue.
Agumon: “Look at that!”
Tai: “That’s weird, it’s got the Crest of Courage on it.”

Captain Obvious, ho!!!

Taichi: “Isn’t that…?”
Agumon: “The Crest of Courage.”
Tailmon: “It seems like it’s been here for a long time.”
Tai: “Is it an egg?”
Agumon: “I never saw an egg with a spike in it.”
Gatomon: “It must’ve been rough on the chicken that laid that thing.”


Taichi: “It’s the Crest of Courage, but…”
*thing lights up and sends balls of lights through the air*
Taichi: “What the heck are these?”
Tai: “Let’s have a closer look at this thing.”
*“egg” lights up and sends balls of lights through the air*
Tai: “Oh…they look like fireflies!”

What fireflies have you been looking at, Tai? Because those look nothing like the fireflies I know of.

Miyako: “I’m curious…”
Cody: “You did promise.”
Yolei: “I know…”

Dang, Cody, you got Yolei whipped.

Daisuke: “Take me with you! Taichi-senpai is in trouble!”
Takeru: “We can’t…It’s not like anyone can go.”
Daisuke: “I don’t care! Let me go with you! Because…”
Izzy: “We’re going back to the Digital World! Prodigious!”
Davis: “I’m going with you!”
TK: “That’s impossible. Not just anybody can go, you know. You need a Digivice.”
Davis: “Listen, TC, if you can go, so can I!”

Daisuke wants to go to help Taichi. Davis wants to go because he’s jealous of TK. And Izzy needs to STFU.

Starting at the moment the balls of light come from the thing Taichi touches and continuing through until right after Daisuke goes to the Digital World, the original episode has an instrumental version of “Break Up,” the Armor-Evolution theme. It’s really pretty and makes the scene much more mystical and mysterious.

Takeru: “Can we go to the Digital World from here?”
Hikari: “We should go save my big brother now.”
Daisuke: “I’m going with you! This’ll take me there, right?”

Izzy: “Yes, if that’s a real Digivice.”
TK: “Yeah, but how long will it stay open for?”
Izzy: “Hm.”
Kari: “I don’t care. I’m going to help my brother!”
Davis: “Hey, can I get Donkey Madness on this thing?”
Izzy: “It’s not a game. If the Digital World sends you a Digivice, then there’s a reason and you should take it seriously.”

Okay, so Yolei is Izzy, Cody is Yamato…Davis is definitely dub Mimi. Also, Izzy nods when answering…so apparently Davis CAN get Donkey Madness on his Digivice! 😀

Koushirou: “How about you, Daisuke-kun?”
Izzy: “It’s your turn. Unless you’re SCARED.”

Izzy: “You’re only going through a computer into a world full of monsters that may or may not want to kill you and all of your friends, and we aren’t actually sure how long you’ll be there. Why do you look so frightened?”

The original music for the trip through the computer is peaceful. The dub’s is anything but.

Original: No dialogue.
Davis: “Whoa, my first time being downloaded. Pretty cool.”

Stop taking computer lessons from Izzy. If anything, you were uploaded.

Daisuke: “This thing…here?”
Davis: “Hey guys, check it out! There’s a vending machine! I am a little thirsty…”

The dub vending machine is making all sorts of computery noises. Clearly the sound effect people have never gotten a bottle of soda before.

Taichi: “I’m relieved you all came.”
Daisuke: “Taich-senpai! I’m glad you weren’t hurt!”
Tai: “Hi guys! I’m glad ya’ll made it!”
Davis: “Tai! I told those guys you’d be alright.”

Tai. “Ya’ll?” Really? And Davis, your ego is HUGE.

Hikari: “What happened to you?”
Kari: “Your tail ring! Tell me what happened!”

Thanks for pointing out that it’s missing, Kari. I never would have noticed.

Tailmon: “I barely escaped…But a human called Digimon Kaiser has been brainwashing other Digimon.”
Takeru: “A human? Is there another person besides us in the Digital World?”
Gatomon: “One day this bossy human appeared and began making Digimon into his slaves. He said ‘I am the Digimon Emperor!’ I heard we’re all gonna have to punch a time clock, too.”
TK: “Another human? You mean someone else comes here besides us? Well there goes the neighborhood.”

TK, we’re talking job markets, not the real estate industry. Honestly.

Tailmon: “Yes, it looks just like that!”
Daisuke: “But this just came from the computer!”
Gatomon: “That’s it! You work for the Digimon Emperor!”
Davis: “What? I don’t work for anybody! Besides, mine’s not dark, I just got this thing when it came out of the computer!”

Like you’re one to accuse someone of working for the dark side, Gatomon.

Taichi: (thinking)“And Daisuke is here…does that mean he’s a new Chosen Child?”
Tai: (thinking)“But why did Davis get one? What’s his purpose in the Digital World? And more importantly, who got the other two Digivices?”

Tai’s face with that inner dialogue is absolutely hilarious. Clearly thinking too hard still constipates him.

Tailmon: “I lost half my power because I lost my Holy Ring.”
Patamon: “And we got separated from Piyomon and Tentomon.”
Hikari: “A human is hunting Digimon and has become the king? That’s ridiculous!”
Gatomon: “The Digimon Emperor uses these powerful dark rings to control the Digimon.”
Patamon: “Yeah, that’s right! And once the ring captures you, you’re his slave for life!”
Gatomon: “These collars do everything but get rid of fleas.”
Kari: “Digimon Emperor, I’m gonna slap a dark ring on him!”

XD I take it Kari’s into controlling men?

Takeru: “Isn’t that the Crest of Courage?”
Taichi: “Right, but it’s really heavy.”
TK: “Looks like a deflated beach ball! No wonder, it’s got a spike through it.”
Tai: “Yeah, plus it’s heavier than my mom’s meatloaf.”

I thought the dub had already established it as an egg. Stop changing your mind, Dubworld!

Hikari: “But it’s so small! *tries to lift it* This thing doesn’t budge an inch!”
Kari: “Move aside, this is a woman’s job.”
*she tries to lift it*
TK: “Too bad we don’t have a woman here to help!”
Ooh, careful TK, or she’ll slap a dark ring on YOU.

V-mon: “You moved the Digimental! I’m V-mon, what’s your name?”
Veemon: “Yahoo! Free at last, free at last, you moved the Digiegg! My name’s Veemon, but you can just call me Veemon!”
Egg it is! Also, Veemon’s lisp is adorable for now, but I’ll probably get tired of it by the end of the episode.

Narrator: “V-mon! He is a small dragon-type Digimon who is naughty and mischievous, but has a strong sense of justice. His attack is a powerful head-butt called the Veemon Head.”
Agumon: “I’ve heard of Veemon! Supposedly he’s a fun-loving, adventure-seeking little Digimon that brings you good luck! But I thought he was just a legend!”

Maybe in the way Izzy’s a computer club legend, Agumon.

The Digimon Analyzer for Monochromon is pretty much the same, except TK replaces the narrator.

V-mon: “Are you okay, Daisuke?”
Daisuke: “Thanks, V-mon.”
Veemon: “Davis, tell me, what hurts?!”
Davis: “Everything but my earlobes…”

Man up, Davis.

V-mon: “If you could give me your courage…If you could just say ‘DigiMental Up!’”
Veemon: “You control the Digiegg of Courage! You’ve got to use your courage to open it up!”

Veemon, those are the least helpful instructions ever.

V-mon: “Say ‘DigiMental Up!’ Then I’ll be able to Digivolve.”
Taichi: “What do you mean?”
Veemon: “I can Digivolve if you open the egg, but you have to have courage to do it!”
Tai: “It’s worth a try!”

Davis: “Fine!” *throws egg on ground; it cracks, and Veemon screams in pain and vanishes* “Oh, that’s Digivolving?”

Daisuke’s “DigiMental Up!” is replaced by “Digiarmor Energize!”, which he randomly knows to say.

“Braveheart” has been replaced for the time-being as the evolution song by the afore-mentioned “Break Up.” Unfortunately, the dub didn’t give us an awesome evolution song. However, we *did* get a couple new songs to fight to! In this episode, it’s “Run Around.”

Fladramon—>Flamedramon, and he narrates it personally instead of letting the narrator do it. Also, Flamedramon is apparently a grill master.

Tailmon: “Aim for his Dark Ring!”
Gatomon: “Barbeque that dark ring, Flamedramon!”

But he forgot his tongs at home…

Hikari: “You’re alright now, aren’t you?”
Davis: “Whoa! Wow…uh? What’s this?”
Kari: “That’s a good Monochromon…”

Kari: “Yes you are! Yes you are!”

Kaiser: “Seems like I’ll be playing seriously with you guys…”
Wormmon: “Ken-chan…”
Wormmon: “You summoned me, oh evil emperor?”
Emperor: “I believe we’ve found ourselves a worthy foe at last!”
Wormmon: “Greeaaat! Just one question: what’s a foe?”

Two things: apparently Wormmon lost his brain and his ability to speak properly to the Emperor’s research; and the dub seems to largely ignore the fact that the Emperor really thinks this is all a game. They mention it, sure, but they play it off like he’s making it into a game rather than actually thinking it is one. There’s a huge difference, and it changes the character immensely.

Original: No dialogue.
Kari: “Goodbye, Monochromon, and don’t forget to write!”

Friend to non-humans, hater of men…are you involved with PETA, Kari?

Miyako: “You took so much time, Iori!”
Iori: “Because I went back home to pick up the snacks.”
Koushirou: “This is delicious!”
Yolei: “Hey Izzy, Cody’s back, can we go to the Digital World now?”
Izzy: “The gate might close. It’s not safe.”
Iori: “But at least I got the brownies!”
Izzy: “Mmmm this is the best thing I’ve ever tasted!”

I don’t know if Izzy’s voice actor got lazy for this scene or if she did it on purpose, but Izzy’s utterly unenthusiastic attitude in this scene is hilarious.

Miyako: “Ah! That was so good. Well, shall we go now?”
Koushirou: “Huh? Where to?”
Miyako: “To the Digital World!”

Yolei: “Hey, what does it mean when the light on that thing goes on?”
Izzy: “What thing?”
Yolei: “That thing on the computer. I just saw the light go on!”

Apparently, Yolei can see out of the side of her head. Also, Izzy looks and sounds SO suspicious here.

Agumon: “They got…pulled in…”
Agumon (dub): “You don’t see that everyday!”

Actually, I do. Stop making generalizations like that, Agumon! Sheesh.

Narrator: “Daisuke and his friends return to the real world.”


Narrator: “But who is the Digimon Kaiser? Their new adventure is about to start.”
Narrator (dub…wait, what? THE DUB HAS A NARRATOR NOW!): “While Davis and the others have returned to the real world, the Digimon Emperor was planning his next attack. Can the Digidestined stop him? A new adventure has just begun on Digimon: Digital Monsters!”

Included for the sheer joy of the fact that the dub has a narrator now. And also to point out that it’s Daisuke/Davis, not Takeru/TK, who replaces Tai in this season.

Total Episode Retained: 100%


  1. i love ichijouji ken February 12, 2015 7:42 pm  Reply

    daisuke’s last name is motomiya in the original, not miyamoto

  2. Mwasaki May 8, 2015 10:33 pm  Reply

    I just started season 2 since the new one will include some of the characters from it, and this makes it ten times better. The dub is really bad as usual, but at least you made it funny enough. I wonder how the season will be since i don’t remember it a lot. Anyway, thanks for all your work 🙂

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