Happy New Year!

As I slowly crawl out of the boggish swamp under which I’ve been submerged, I’m finding time to finally return and work. So, here are my goals:

  • Continue the re-reviewing of Digimon Adventure.
  • Clean up some of the messy reviews.
  • Transfer older reviews to the new site.
  • Find someone else to work on Digimon Fusion.

That last point might seem a bit weird, but after this incredibly long hiatus, I’ve realized something…I hate Digimon Fusion. I hate Xros Wars, too. I think the premise bothers me, but in any case, I don’t really want to review it anymore. That said, I’ll be taking applications to review. I need writing samples, and you can e-mail them here.

You guys have been amazingly patient, but it’s finally time to get back to business around here!

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