Like many other “[Anime] Uncensored” websites, Digimon Uncensored is a hybrid of comparing the dub version of the Digimon animated series with the original, Japanese version, and MST3K-style reviews/tomfoolery. There is an obvious slant towards the original version, however this does not indicate a dislike for the dub (rather, the dub is just easy to make fun of). The comparisons are for primarily for entertainment purposes and should be cited as a source with caution, particularly among audiences where children and people who take television shows way too seriously are present. Before continuing, we strongly recommend you read the “Comparison Key” page via the about menu at the top. This will explain how the comparisons work, so you don’t have to stumble around the site like a drunken Blindasabatmon.

Digimon Uncensored is formerly a subsite of Duckfeather Studio, a site owned by Macho Duck until it closed in May of 2010. The site is currently owned and run by Gear under the Digimon-Uncensored domain. To access the comparisons, use the menus above.

As a note, this site contains some adult content (strong language, mild anime nudity, and other aspects of the anime that were deemed inappropriate for Western audiences) and heavy spoilers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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