The Meaning of Being Partners: Renamon Evolves!

O Partner, Where Art Thou?

Sahgo's Notes: You know, seeing the episode listing I figured out that Saban won't use a normal, not-reference-y title until episode 13. Which is... infuriating; these titles are so vague. And aren't funny. Episode Thoughts: Ruki-centered episode. Awesome.
Dub Thoughts: The dubbers' "reinterpretation" of Rika sort of makes this episode feel a lot different from the original. Ruki really does keep all to herself; she may eventually get a tidy angry with Renamon, but will forget about it and stay cool; it's an important part of her personality, which also clashes with her mom's attention whoriness (in career). Rika, on the other hand, talks a lot. It sort of kills the subtlety the original character had, and changes her personality quite a bit - she complains a lot more than she does in the original and is also much more directly rude (and a little whiny). It isn't a COMPLETE change like, say, Jou, but still, it sticks out. Renamon's sarcasm also bothered me a little, but not that much. I wonder if they're ad-libbed by Mari Devon?
English Version by Steven Jay "Guilmon Yamaki Flamedramon Green Goblin Vincent Valentine Kyoshiro Tohdoh Yata Orochimaru" Blum. Yeah, not his best job, but fine.


Rika's mom: "Hello, this is Makino."

Possibly a little slip by the part of the writers; since the 'Makino' family should be the 'Nonaka' family in the dub. Altough some people theorized that "Makino" could be Rika's mother's business name, but I don't know if anyone in charge of the production ever confirmed that.

Besides, they never explain it, so it's just random as Hell.

Dialogue Deviation

Rika: "Why is my mother always have to do that? ...What-ever! Like I care what anybody thinks anyway."

I really don't want to sink low enough to make emo jokes but, they're making it too easy...

Rika: "I - know - what I wanna do with my life. But she wouldn't understand... 'A little card game'? Hah! Taming Digimon is a lot more respectable than [altough not as remunerable as] modeling. Besides, I'm good at it, I don't need her approval."

I really hated this whole silence filling today, because it looked like the dubbers just guessed what Ruki was thinking and put it in. In the original, she may be thinking that, or she may be taking her mother's opinions in consideration - who knows? The whole point of the scene was for the viewer to wonder what Ruki was thinking about.
Yeeaaah, I'm ranting, but geez!

Ruki: "A Digital Field..."
Rika: "Time for me to go to work!"

While conveniently ditching homework and other regular life activities.

Sound Note/Trivia

This is something about Tamers dub that really, really bothers me for some reason. Explaining - whenever Renamon shows up in the background, in the dub, random LIGHTNING sounds pop up. Hum... sorry Saban, but what the Hell?! Why lightning? What relation at all does Renamon (or any of her evolutions for that matter) have with freaking lightning??! And worse, it's the kind of cheap lightning sound effect that you'd expect in one of the Fox Kids' commercials; it just sounds bad, especially since the dub actually has a pretty decent selection of sound effects.

In the original, a ghostish flute-sound plays. Because, in case you're slow and didn't notice it, Renamon (and all her evolutions) are based on the foxes (kitsune) of Japanese folklore. I don't know much about them myself, but I do know that they're believed to be very connected to the spirits of the dead, magic and the occult. Legend has that when a fox gather years of spiritual powers (if I'm not mistaken) it becomes a nine-tailed fox (Kyuubi) and then gets the ability to disguise itself as a human; usually a beautiful woman. The reference is clear if you look at Renamon's evolution line - she is firstly a fox, then she becomes the nine-tails (Kyubimon), and then she becomes progressively more human (Taomon, Sakuyamon). And anyone can see that almost every other piece of Japanese media likes to reference this little bit of Japanese mythology; Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Pokémon... the list goes on. I should note that, nevertheless, legends do diverge about the mix of foxes abilities (shapeshifting, extra tails, spiritual connection etc.). Wikipedia has a nice article about foxes in Japanese folklore, so take a look if you're still curious about it.

AND THAT is the reason why ghost flute sounds >>>>> Lightning. Damn lightning.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: "Let's go."
Renamon: "Understood."
Rika: "Party time!"
Renamon: "And we're entertainment."

Thanks Rika! If it hadn't been for you I'll be now in someone else's digestion!

Ruki: "And what's for dinner?"
Ruki's grandma: "I'm making fried chicken gizzards tonight!"

Rika: "What'll we having, anyway?"
Rika's grandma: "My special egg-planted liverd (?) casarol!"
Rika: "Terrific."

I'm starting to think that the dubbers have issues with casarols...
(and I'm feeling someone is shouting at his/her monitor saying "Geez Louise, you only noticed it NOW?!")


When Takato and co. are playing rock-paper-and-scissors, in the original the winners would point toward a random direction and the loser (Guilmon) would have to look at it. I never heard of this rule, but anyway, that's why everybody kept pointing their fingers around and why Guilmon got dizzy.

Well, it would be a pain for the dub to explain, so I think I understand.

Dialogue Deviation

Terriermon: "Guilmon always uses paper..."
Terriermon: "I'll be playing for your peanut butter next time!"

Rock-paper-scissors gambling? Since when do people do that? And why didn't anybody tell me that when I was a kid?
I could've made so much money...

Rika: "Oh yeeeaaah!"


Renamon, sarcastic remarks, dub-only, blahblah.

Dialogue Deviation

Ruki: "Attack, Renamon!"
Rika: "Walk all over him!"

Just keep saying that until someone makes a shirt out of it.


Renamon kicking Allomon was replaced by a long impact screen. I have to admit that this time it's a brand new and actually believable impact screen, instead of the usual black-and-white cheap one.

Dialogue Deviation

Silence because Allomon, just like every other Wild One, doesn't talk.
Allomon: "MY TURN!"


Rika: "Time to fight!"

Because the last kick wasn't fighting...?


Rika uses, in the Digi-MODIFY(-FY-FY-fy-fy-fy...) a card called "Agumon's Frozen Wind". Well, while the attack name is right, the Digimon name is not; he is YukiAgumon (SnowAgumon in the US). 'Cuz Agumon ain't white.

Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: "You look a little overheated. How about a nice cool breeze?! FROZEN WIIND!"

(Allomon: "Well, since you asked nicely, I should politely ref-AAAAAGHHHH!!!")

Ruki: "Why... why aren't we winning?!"
Rika: "What're you doing?! This isn't some stupid little game!"

I mean, DUH, only in, like, stupid little games do people actually lose on purpose. This is, like, soooooo prep-like! Because only preps like little games. Oops! *points finger* Tzzzz!!

Silence. Allomon doesn't TALK!
Allomon: "And for dessert..."

(Allomon: "Hey look, I can talk even when I'm breathing fire. I guess I use telekinesis or something. Ain't I special? That's why I got so much screentime in this season! In fact, any screentime at all.")

Ruki: "Digimon exist to fight!"
Rika: "You're starting to sound like a broken record!"

What, you mean Henry has times when he doesn't sound like a broken record? Surely you jest!

Guilmon: "But why!?"

(Guilmon: "Hey Takatomoron, I can use telekinesis too!"
Takato: "No, it's not 'telekinesis'. It's 'tele'... uh... 'telep'... I like turtles?")

Renamon: "I think you need a cold... SHOWER!"

(Spider-Man: "Please tell me I don't sound like that. Or at least that I offer higher-quality quips."
Sahgo: ".....Well....")

Allomon: "How is this possible?! I always hated the Ice Age!! AAAGHHHHHHH!!"

Well, it definetly isn't the highest quality CGI movie around, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. You're being too harsh.

Renamon: "Now don't move! ...Good boy!"

(Rika: "Renamon, why the HELL are you making these witty remarks?"
Renamon: "Well, Rika, I need to, since my friend here was really COLD today!".
Rika: "....")

Renamon: "Buh-bye, handsome!"


Am I the only one simply astounished by the utter pointlessness of Takato and co.'s actions in this episode? I mean, they did pretty much nothing. They could've been digitally edited out and no one would've missed them. It's like they had a contract to show up in every episode just because they're the main characters, or something.

Dialogue Deviation

Impmon: "They don't know how fun is living like a Digimon."
Impmon: "If they don't change they're gonna pay, 'cause my plan is on the way...!"

First, rhyming still sucks. Second, what ''plan''? All you do is trying to talk them out of the sin of sharing their lives with Takato; that's not much of a plan as much as it's reasoning.


Impmon retained his name; voiced by Hiroki Takahashi in the original, and by Derek Stephen Prince in the dub. At first his dub voiced displeased me for being annoying, whiny and heavy on the accent. But then I noticed that Takahashi's portrayal of the character is equally annoying, whiny and heavy on an (entirely different) accent, so it's not much of a change as much of an adaptation.

I guess what bothers me is that Impmon sounds exactly the same as Veemon. Sorry Derek, but your voice range doesn't impress.

Dialogue Deviation

I'll not bother to transcribe even more dialogue, but Rika is differently rude to Renamon than Ruki is. You see, in the original her rudeness is sort of a silent rudeness; Ruki doesn't directly insult Renamon, but Renamon knows Ruki is thinking little of her. In the dub Rika bashes Renamon all the time in an almost business-like way, which changes her characterization from subtle in the original to not-very-subtle in the dub.

But then again, Saban was never very good with subtlety in the first place.

Rika: "Maybe that means I get a wish. There's only one thing I really want: I wish I had a poney Renamon was mine, and I knew how to make her digivolve. I wish I was a real Digimon Tamer!"

That's three wishes.

Renamon: "I've been searching for a strong Tamer; and you are the one."

There can be ONLY ONE!

Ruki: "A strong Digimon..."
Renamon: "That is me."

Rika: "It's no accident that we're a team. Ssshaaaare your strength with me, and we will be unstopabble!"


Impmon: "Hey, hey, hey, hey! I know you!"
Impmon: "Oh, ain't that sweet? A digi-babe pinin' in the moonlight!"

Having digi-cidal thinkings due to obsession over a human kid. Sweet, indeed.

Impmon: "Aren't you the Digimon who lives with that human girl? So, you're one of those Digimon who can't do anything by themselves, huh?"
Impmon: "Don't look to me like you're too happy they're toots (?) but then again, what Digimon would be when you got to answer to some snotty-nosed kid like you're a ped(iatrician?) or somethin'?"

More like bodyguards, but point taken.

Ruki: "What... is this?"
Rika: "A new player for the game! Well, I'm in."

Here comes a NEW challenger!

Joke change!

This is almost becoming an once-per-comparison thing. Huh.

While Impmon's dialogue to this point remained fairly intact (altough he calls Renamon a ''digi-slave'' at one point, which was sort of painful), there is a small joke that, while it is in the dub, is different in two ways.

Basically, it's when Impmon is asking Renamon if she wouldn't want to be indepedent like him. In both versions, after he asks that, Renamon stares at him for a while and he wonders if she's even listening; then goes on with his rambling.

Well, firstly, in the dub, since Impmon talks a little more, the ignorance pause ran for about 2 seconds. In the original, however, the silence was on for 7 seconds. It gives his question an indiscribable "OWNED!" feel.

Second, in the original, the scene had Impmon's Theme is playing on the conversation; when this pause of doom comes up, the BGM suddently stops. Silence. Complete silence. Increasing the "OWNED" feeling. Only after Impmon's little "are you listening?" the BGM picks up from where it stopped.

Yeah, they're small, but those little things made the scene that much funnier in the original.

And yes, I'm picky. You should know it already.

Dialogue Deviation

The previously mentioned silence of doom.
Impmon: "I mean, after all, who wouldn't want to be like me? Impmon's free like a bird in the tree! Boh-boom!"

Thank goodness they will drop this rhyming...

Impmon: "...Are you listening?"
Impmon: "Hello? This is class-A material, honey!"

"Get rid of your human partner and live alone" is class-A material?

Impmon: "Er, yeah, all you have to do is listen to me; it'll, hum, be for your own good. What I mean is that you - and by 'you' I mean the Digimon who live with humans - are pathethic!"
Impmon: "Anyways like I was saying, I think you're really sad, and you know what that makes me? Huh? ANGRY, that's what. And ain't just not good for me to see a good looking Digimon like you going to waste, it makes me wanna THROW UP!"

So, screw the ugly Digimon?
I mean, the Digimon franchise isn't exactly famous for it's overwhelming cuteness, you know.

Impmon: "Yeah, pathethic. You should be ashamed of yourself; and you know why? Because every time I see something that pathethic, it gets on my nerves!"
Impmon: "Why? Heh, I mean, look at you; out here all alone, moping around in the moonlight like a puppy that got pested out of the house? Huhuh, you're in serious denial, lady."

Hum, but I thought you said she would be better by herself... therefore, being alone should be the correct conduct.
Your logic is crazy.

Impmon: "I mean it annoys me, it makes me sick, makes me wanna puke!"
Impmon: "There's a whole world out there - actually, a couple of'em - but if you're happy being the pet for some human, then be my guest."

If that was true you wouldn't be ranting, would you?

Renamon: "I don't understand anything of what you're saying."
Renamon: "If that's your best material, then you need a new writer."

So does this episode.


Impmon doesn't call his attack in the original, while he does in the dub. Anyway,

Attack change
Impmon: Night of Fire -> Badda-Boom

Dialogue Deviation

Impmon makes another rhyme before he leaves.
Seriously, Blum, rhymes aren't cool. When I was a kid we used to spit on whoever abused of rhyming.
Well, not really, but we totally would if the educational system didn't punish us for that.

Yamaki: "Another one?"
Yamaki: "They just never learn, do they?"

Steve Blum was busy writing all of Impmon's brilliant rhymes, so they decided to use episode 4's stock audio files for this line.

Yes, Dokugumon also doesn't talk.
Dokugumon: "Perfect! I was just thinking about what to do for dinner!"
Renamon: "Eat dirt."
Dokugumon: "Ooh, you're spicy too!"

Well, at least Ruki's pineapple head will be healty.
...Okay, okay, that was lame. Sorry.

Renamon: "Leave it to me."
Renamon: "Then I better step on her!"

Get it? Cuz it's a spider?


Attack change
Dokugumon: Stinger Poration -> Poison Thread.

Scene moving/add

A little scene of Ruki looking at Dokugumon was split/reordered to use in the commercial cut; after that, a scene of Dokugumon advancing was re-added.

Dialogue Deviation

Dokugumon: "Think again, cupcake!"

Hmmm, cupcakes.


Again, the dub pronounces Snimon's name as "Sneemon". In the original, the katakana for the name is literally "Sunaimon", so it should be read as "Snighmon".

Dialogue Deviation

Renamon: "Time to cut loose!"

No cutting corners now!
(see, making bad quips is easy).


Attack change:
Snimon (well, sort of): Shadow Sickle -> Twin Sickle.

Dialogue Deviation

Dokugumon: "Now it's my turn!"


Culumon: "Culu..."
Calumon: "Game over?"

10! 9! 8! 7! 6!... (PRESS START!)


Depending on how picky you are, Kyuubimon's name was changed to Kyubimon.

I'm not particularly picky over the shortening of double vowels, so I don't consider it as a change, but... well, if you do, there you go.

Dialogue Deviation

Culumon: "Culu!" (yes, he only says that in this episode)
Calumon: "Game time!"



Kyubimon Attack change:

Will-o-Wisp Ball -> Fox Tail Inferno
Fox Flame Dragon -> Dragon Wheel

Dialogue Deviation

In the end of the episode, Kyubimon gives us a pretty cheesy friendship speech in the dub, while in the original she was a little less anvilicious about it - she basically said "Because we're partners" and nothing else.

Yeaaah, picky. I know.


Total episode retained: 99%.
Steve Blum already did better.
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