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This website, like many other "[Anime] Uncensored" websites, is a hybrid of comparing the dub version of the Digimon animated series with the original, Japanese version, and MST3K-style reviews/tomfoolery. The comparisons are for primarily for entertainment purposes and should be cited as a source with caution, particularly among audiences where children and people who take television shows way too seriously are present. The site primarily updates via "guest" reviewers (although some might say they practically run the site at this point). Below are the last five updates.

[11 July 2010]: Okay, I need help. Not the psychological type, either, so put the jokes away.
Seriously, though, there have been no updates recently simply because I'm trying to build the site again because the code is outdated and the place just needs a new look. Therefore, I will be enlisting help.

I need people with basic HTML and CSS knowledge to assist me in this endeavor. The old information on each and every episode on the site needs to be copy+pasted to the new format using the new code. It's relatively simple, but those of you with background in HTML and CSS will have an easier time of it. Those of you who help will be credited, though, and it would be greatly appreciated. I definitely want the site up and running so we can start preparing for offering news on Xros Wars.

That said, please contact me via the contact page information and I will get you set up with the files you need. Simply e-mail them back to me as you complete them and I will start putting them up. I will have a (working) link to the new site up soon so you can see what you're up against. Thanks in advance!

[22 May 2010] from Gear: Well, the site is up at the new domain! I'm currently working on rebuilding the site in a new style, but that is a SLOW process. If I upload what I have so far, there would be very little content. So keep watching this space, because eventually, I'll have the new site design up. You can preview it, however, by checking out this page. The site is not finished, however, so you have been warned.

Also, the forums are not working, and with the site being basically copy+paste ported to the new domain, there may be broken links and images. Use the contact page to let me know if there are any issues, or if you have any suggestions for the new site.

[5 May 2010]: Ha, April sucked. I have some updates and some news! For the updates, Elanna submitted a correction for 02 episode 12 which is pretty handy. Sahgo revised Tamers comparisons 12, 13 and 14, Ruki and Renamon, the Crisis of their Bond!, The Order to Capture the Digimon! A Terrible Premonition and Stand up, Tamer! Super Evolution, Megalogrowmon. And I did nothing! :D

And... uh... I will continue to do nothing because this is my last update. The website won't be shutting down -- our very own Gear is going to be taking over! Command will shift over to Gear sometime in May, and my involvement will be minimal if anything after that. If you want details on why I'm going overboard, here you go.

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And of course, let us not forget that credit for the original [Anime] Uncensored concept goes to none-other than Chris Psaros of Dragonball Z Uncensored fame, which it seems has been retired thanks to Dragonball Z actually having "uncut" versions available. Thanks, Mr. Psaros!

This is Kenneth! He's here to help!
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